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Top 5 Dell Laptops in 2016


In this technological world, Dell is the company which is providing its customers the best laptops in India at an affordable price and fully loaded with latest versions of software and upgraded technology. Dell is a well-established company providing the best features and great configurations.Here are the top 5 laptops of Dell which are most popular in Indian market:1. DELL …

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Fraud FReedon 251

The world’s cheapest Smartphone is here. The price of a Smartphone is only Rs 251. This is a great Smartphone for us, we must buy it. These were some of the thoughts and rumors that were roaming around in every corner of the Indian territory from a couple of days. But after its release today, the rumors are going on …

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Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2014

The world has witnessed many breathtaking wonders through the power of technology. It has become an astounding supremacy of changing things through the everyday new inventions of technology. So Here we are with the 2014 List of Top 10 Remarkable Works in Technology World. 1: Body-adjusted Wearable Gadgets   The wrists are full with wristbands; eyes are looking through Google …

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Top 10 Best Free Data Recovery Software

Data recovery is a very important aspect of using computers as it sometimes happens that you delete some files and programs by mistake, and have to recover them for subsequent use. Data recovery programs are the programs which help recover or un delete the files you have deleted accidentally from your computer.  Here is a List of Top 10 Data …

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Top 10 Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Online shopping is something which has revolutionized the entire concept of shopping. Gone are days when you had to waste hours in the market, with your kids and shopping bags in tow. Internet had now made it possible to do your shopping at a simple click of the mouse, from the comfort of your living room or office desk. From …

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