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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Neerja

Neerja Bhanot, a young, bold and beautiful girl who was just 23 years when she saved the life 360 people. Neerja was the cabinet manager of the flight Pan Am. It was September 5, 1986, when her flight along with 380 more passengers were flying to USA, and when in between in Karachi the flight was hijacked. The hijackers wanted to kill all the Americans in the flight as well as other who were trying to save their lives. Neerja stepped out bravely and tried to save the lives of all the people. It would have been difficult for anyone to maintain peace within, and what she did was simply remarkable. Of the 360 passengers, Neerja saved the life of 360 people. She was a true hero. She did not care for her life even for a second and very smartly and bravely she saved the lives of so many people. Her bravery truly deserved acknowledgments and she did get one, though after more than a decade, when the entire world will once again know about her bravery. A Biopic has been made on Neerja, where Sonam Kapoor played the role of Neerja and she did very well in her get up. The biopic is a must watch for those who really want to know how she saved so many people and fought so bravely. Here are Top 10 Interesting Facts about Neerja.

  1. Early Life:

Neerja was born in Chandigarh and her father Harish Bhanot was a Journalist and her mother was a housewife. She got an offer from a magazine publishing company for modelling at the age of 16. She also featured in many advertisements.

  1. Marriage:

At the age of 21 Neerja was married and she moved to the Gulf. Her marriage didn’t work out and soon she left her husband and came back to Mumbai and started living with her parents.

  1. Her parents called her laado:

She was the love of her parent’s life and they called her laado. She was also the favourite child in the family and was very bold and strong.

  1. Career:

She went to Miami for the training of flight attendant and she came back with flying colours and was selected as the chief flight attendant.

  1. She saved the lives of the Americans:

The Hijackers asked Neerja to collect all the passports of the passengers so that they can differentiate between the Americans and non-Americans. Neerja smartly hid all their passports and saved their lives.

  1. She was shot with bullets:

The hijackers killed her by firing bullets just few hours before her birthday that is 7th September. Neerja couldn’t even celebrate her birthday.

  1. She was awarded the Ashok Chakra Award:

Neerja was the youngest person to receive the Ashok Chakra Award. She was given this award for her bravery. And not just that the Indian Postal Stamps in the year 2004 had her photo printed n the stamps.

  1. Road after her name:

There is a Road in Mumbai, post Ghatkopar, which is called as the Neerja Bhanot Chowk.

  1. Other awards in her name:

Neerja was a brave soul. She was called as the heroine of hijack in the foreign countries. She was also awarded as the Justice of Crime Award by the US Government in 2005.

  1. Role Model for various people:

facts about Neerja

Because of her bravery and smartness, Neerja became the role model of many people of which, a Captain in Major Airline whose life Neerja saved, says he owes her a lot and she is her role model and he is very much inspired by her. Wherever Neerja is now, she must be really happy and proud.

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