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Hero Splendor Pro Vs Hero Splendor iSmart

Coming from the house of Hero Honda, Hero splendor have always fared well in the Indian market as it has been designed keeping the Indian buyer and the Indian roads in mind. Hero Honda Splendor range has actually helped grow the bike market in India with it’s permutation and combination of several variants and features.

Hero Splendor

Hero Splendor Pro is a 97cc bike while the Hero Splendor iSmart is a 97.2cc bike. Hero Splendor Pro has a Power of 8.2 bhp @ 8000 rpm while Hero Splendor iSmart has 7.6 bhp @ 7500 rpm. Both claim a torque of 8 Nm @ 4500 rpm. Both the Splendors are very similar with very little difference in several features. Both Pro and iSmart run on Petrol and have an air cooled cooling system. The fuel tank capacity of Hero Splendor Pro is 11 litres as compared to 8.70 litres of Hero Splendor iSmart. Both claim to have similar wheel sizes for the front and rear tyres with alloy wheels, while the iSmart boasts of tubeless tyres. The Hero Splendor Pro can give a good competition to the Hero Splendor iSmart with their near similar specifications. The Hero Splendor pro runs on a MF – 4 : 12 V -3 Ah battery while the Hero Splendor ismart has a 12-3Ah MF Battery. Both the Splendors have drum brakes with front disc braking system only and not for the rear. There is marginal fuel efficiency range between the two, as hero Splendor Pro provides 715 km while the Hero Splendor iSmart provides 700km. The dimensions and weight of the bikes are also very similar thus giving stiff competition. Both the Splendors have four manual gears, running on petrol, they have 2 valves per cylinder.

So these were some technical specifications of both these bikes, and a generalization can be made that both bikes have almost a similar niche which can be visualized by the competitive features and technical things in both of them. Splendor iSmart is a bit smarter and lesser version whereas the other one is having some extra features. But overall both the bikes have almost neck to neck competition.

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We will now look into the outer configuration of these bikes which may include exterior features and look.

Hero Splendor iSmart

Hero pro is available in an array of eight colour combinations; Black-Purple, Black with Red, Heavy Grey, Shield Gold, Cloud Silver, Candy blazing red, Palace Maroon and Black Monotone. Hero Splendor iSmart is available in six different shades, Sports Red, Leaf Green, Excellent Blue, Red and Black, Silver and Black and Heavy Grey. There is a host of shade to choose from for the buyer.

Hero is a very trusted brand in India. The bikes produced are product of hard labour and technical skills. The above mentioned features including both technical and others are quite true and without any flaw.

The major comparison can be made on the basis of price but there is hardly a minimal difference between their prices. So the choice has to be very crisp.

The ex-showroom prices in Mumbai of Hero Splendor Pro is close to 49,487/- and of Hero Splendor iSmart is Rs. 49,014/-.

After overall analysis, it can be concluded that Hero Splendor pro is for those who want something extra in their bike. But at the same time iSmart is for those who need a smart bike with latest inbuilt technology. After sales support of hero bikes has always been tremendous. You need not to worry about it. Focus on your needs and buy the right one. Happy riding folks!!

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