Wednesday , 19 June 2019

Neerja: Sonam’s Kapoor outdoes herself

Neerja Bhanot

Neerja the movie will undoubtedly be a memorable one for all Sonam Kapoors fans. Sonam justifies the role brilliantly and seals a place quietly in your heart. With a narrative that comes to life beautifully on screen, Neerja follows the story of the stewardess, Neerja Bhanot who was on duty on September 5, 1986, when the ill-fated Pan Am Flight …

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Are Shahid and Mira Soon to be Plus One?


According to reports on a leading online news portal, Shahid and Mira Kapoor could soon be expecting the latest addition to their family. Ever since Shahid and Mira tied the knot seven months ago in July, they have been stealing the nation’s hearts on social media and TV. The still oh-so-in-love couple has been active on Twitter and Instagram, counting …

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Top 10 famous Textile Companies in India

Best textile companies

There are a lot of Textile companies in India. A textile or clothing company is always essential as they manufacture the clothes and then it is later on designed. What we wear in our daily lives are manufactured in these clothing companies. There are a lot of Textile companies in India that manufactures quality products. These Companies make clothes that …

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New Suzuki access 125 vs. Honda Activa 125: Spec Comparison


Honda and Suzuki are quite famous automobile brands in India. They have an amazing and competitive fleet of vehicles in their part. The best part is that the consumers are getting a lot of options and variability due to the best models from both the automobile houses.Today we are differentiating the two major scooters and are trying to analyze both …

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Mahindra Mojo Price, Features, Specifications

Mahindra Mojo

Mahindra Mojo is a 295cc powerful bike. It comes with a digitally powered console. Its twin head lamps with eyebrow style LED makes it a crowd-puller and popular amongst the youth. Mahindra Mojo has a phenomenal torque of 30 Nm @ 5500 rpm. Mahindra Mojo has 4 valves per cylinder. The cooling system implied in Mahindra Mojo is liquid cooled.Mahindra …

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Fraud FReedon 251

The world’s cheapest Smartphone is here. The price of a Smartphone is only Rs 251. This is a great Smartphone for us, we must buy it. These were some of the thoughts and rumors that were roaming around in every corner of the Indian territory from a couple of days. But after its release today, the rumors are going on …

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