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Pros and Cons of SiteGround Web Hosting

Pre-Schools in Delhi

Do you know SiteGround positions themselves as one of the best well crafted hosting provider. SiteGround runs individually as a web hosting company offering different hosting solutions as part of their venture which are affordable, versatile and kind of plans liked by millions.With, Shared Linux hosting all the way to cloud and dedicated hosting solutions for enterprise and growing websites. …

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Best Dedicated Hosting Providers in July, 2019

As startup culture is slowly prevailing in today’s world, the need for cheap and good dedicated hosting providers is rising exponentially. Every company that operates in the Web sector, whether big or small needs a host. This host allows them withvaluable resources, server space, dedicated IP, bandwidth etc. There are many companies that are fighting for their share in the …

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Top 10 Best Domain Registrar Companies in 2017-2018

Laptops Below Rs 50000

Often websites are a source of income of many people. Making a website and bringing in traffic yields great deal of money. There are many companies in the market that provide Domain registration.Here is a look into the top 10 Domain Registrar Companies Around the Globe.GoDaddy:They put a lot of money into advertising and hence are a bit expensive than …

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Linode vs. DigitalOcean vs. Amazon Lightsail vs. Vultr 2017-2018

As there are many virtual hosting services available in the market, the competition are intense. Many companies are in the market just to gain a considerable market share. In this detailed guide, we analyze how Linode, DigitalOcean, Amazon Lightsail and Vultr. Note- The comparison is based upon the minimum rates offered by respective companies. Each VPS has the following Services on …

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Linode vs OVH – Which is the Better Pick?

VPS or Virtual Private Servers are basically virtual software that have the capability to run an Operating System. These are basically used to power websites. However, there are also dedicated servers. People often choose VPS as compared to dedicated hosting as it is comparatively cheaper. Here is a guide to help you choose the best VPS between DigitalOcean and OVH. Note:The …

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InMotion Hosting vs Vultr 2017-2018

InMotion hosting has been around since 2001. They have been the first choice of many people since ages. It is often termed as a nerd’s choice. Their plans are well customized. Their plans are so designed that looks appealing to people that are running large setups. On the other hand, Vultr has a global dominance. Their servers are present all …

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RoyalClouds Review – The Best Cloud Hosting Company in 2017 – 2018

RoyalClouds is quickly making their preferred web hosting companies over internet. RoyalClouds changed the scenario when business houses had to spend a lot on Hosting fees. Since, its easy affordable and a feature rich hosting provider. It becomes convenient to corporate houses and small business to expand their customer base to grow confidently and run a successful venture.Need help finding …

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Top 10 Cloud Hosting Providers of 2017-2018

Cloud Hosting: Cloud Hosting is one of the most innovative and an upcoming hosting methodology, that uses Cloud Computing Technology. This enables numerous systems to act as one system. However, hosting solutions like shared and dedicated hosting systems depends on one system and Cloud hosting security is guaranteed by many servers. Using this technology has many advantages like reliability, accessibility, scalability …

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Cloudways Review – The Best Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloudways enables you to enjoy top most hosting on cloud infrastructure similar to DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, Kyup. It provides users with seamless experience like never before with its managed cloud hosting platform.Cloudways provides easy to use simple Web Control Panel with superior customer support provides you with guaranteed uptimes of  99.9% which is why Cloudways prides …

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