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Top 5 Dell Laptops in 2016


In this technological world, Dell is the company which is providing its customers the best laptops in India at an affordable price and fully loaded with latest versions of software and upgraded technology. Dell is a well-established company providing the best features and great configurations.Here are the top 5 laptops of Dell which are most popular in Indian market:1. DELL …

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Top 10 Bollywood Stars Homes 2016


Bollywood stars have precious homes and decors which are luxurious and overwhelming. These stars have a successful career apart from their personal life and home. Home and house are quite analogous to each other. We all dream of a big house, but we need family members to transform it into a complete home.Let us have a look at famous Bollywood …

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Top 10 Famous Women of India


In the recent decades we have seen Indian women leaving up their homes and household works and making a name of themselves in the country and the world too. India has a culture which respects women a lot. This makes it very crucial for us to know one of the most famous Indian women that are able to make a …

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A.P.J Abdul Kalam

The innovations and inventions in the world are not possible if there are no scientists. Scientists of Indian origin have done a tremendous job in this field. Indian scientists from ancient times have played a key role for the development of science and technology all across the world. In the same context we present to you a list of some …

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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Neerja

facts about Neerja

Neerja Bhanot, a young, bold and beautiful girl who was just 23 years when she saved the life 360 people. Neerja was the cabinet manager of the flight Pan Am. It was September 5, 1986, when her flight along with 380 more passengers were flying to USA, and when in between in Karachi the flight was hijacked. The hijackers wanted …

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Fraud FReedon 251

The world’s cheapest Smartphone is here. The price of a Smartphone is only Rs 251. This is a great Smartphone for us, we must buy it. These were some of the thoughts and rumors that were roaming around in every corner of the Indian territory from a couple of days. But after its release today, the rumors are going on …

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