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Top 10 Scariest Ghost Sightings

Ghosts have always been a subject of debate- some think that they exist, while they are just a figment of imagination for others. We have been hearing ghost stories and incidents since our childhood, but the existence of these unearthly beings cannot be proved until seen. This makes them a subject of fascination for the mankind. However, there have been …

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Top 10 Drawbacks of Using Computer for Long Hours

Computers have made our lives simpler and easier to a large extent, which is the main cause of increased use of computers in the daily lives of people of all ages and from all walks of life. We cannot even imagine banking, medicine, education and any other aspect of our lives without this wonderful gift of technology. Though computers have …

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10 Things You Cannot Buy With Money

We have always been under an impression that you can buy everything with money, which has made money a very important part of our lives. All these things include all comforts and luxuries of life, including food, clothes, shelter, education, health and everything you desire in life. However, there are truly some things which money cannot buy, which points to …

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