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I am Supriya, a blogger and a creative writer by profession. I love to read books, watch movies and I am always intrigued to learn something new and riveting. I am also an amateur photographer and enjoy drinking wine. I like to write things with an open end, where I can allow my readers to decide things and not spoon-feed them.

Ki and Ka Box Office Collection

Ki and Ka Box Office Collection

Ki and Ka a movie with a different concept, where the story is about a normal couple, but there is a simple twist in the story. Their role was reversed, where Kareena Kapoor played the role of the over ambitious workaholic and she is the earning member of that house and Arjun Kapoor’s only ambition is to become a housewife …

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best wheat producing states in India

Wheat has been a very important agricultural crop since time immemorial. It has been consumed by a sizeable part of the world’s population and is categorized as one of the world’s staple food. Wheat is used to make a variety of food products. Hence, it is very important for food processing and the manufacturing industry. Simply put, the world can’t …

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Top rice producing states

Rice is the staple food of some 5 billion of the world’s population. Situated mostly in the eastern part of the globe Southeast Asia is deemed as the rice granary of the world with Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines collectively producing most of the world’s annual rice output.However, very few people know that the two largest producers of …

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Top 10 Best Popular Toothpaste Brands In India

best toothpaste brands in india

Can you confidently flash that perfect smile?Undeniably, the toothpaste industry is a billion dollar industry all over the world. Personal care products like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste are considered to be basic commodities all over the world. Meaning to say, everybody needs it. This is also true for toothpaste.Toothpaste in India remains to be a very lucrative industry. India, the …

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India remains to be the undisputed leader in sugarcane production in Asia, only trailing behind the South American nation of Brazil. What not many people know is that sugarcane is actually a kind of wild grass that does not need too much rainfall or excessive sunlight for it to grow in abundance. In spite of this, sugar remains to be …

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List of Top Ten Best Mattress Brands in India

Kurl-on best mattress in india

Night is made for the complete rest and relaxation of mind and body and it is impossible without a good quality mattress. So it’s very important to have a comfortable mattress for idyllic and relaxed sleep. The industry of mattress in India has worth more than 700 crores and this industry has an amazing prospective and according to recent report …

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HONDA LIVO: Features, Specifications And Review

HONDA LIVO features

There’s a common phrase that both city and rural areas have probably heard and that is ‘Kids and their bikes’. This phrase is usually accompanied by exasperated mothers shaking their heads in worry or disapproving fathers or neighbourhood old-timers secretly reminiscing their own reckless youths. Nowadays the only thing’s that’s changed is probably the designs and variety of bikes available …

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INTRODUCTION:If you are looking for a reliable daily commuter then Honda’s Dream Neo will surely match you. Honda, the Japanese manufacturer, has just augmented its bike line-up with this incredible bike having some quality features in it. This bike will give tough competition to its competitors in 110 cc commuter segment like Bajaj Discover T, Mahindra Pantero and the Hero …

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TOP 5 Coffee Producing Regions In India

top coffee producing states

world simply cannot survive without coffee. The coffee industry is renowned and lucrative all over the world. It is considered as a basic commodity and together with tea, is consumed by people anywhere in the world. Despite the quick industrialization of many countries, the agricultural crop that is coffee remains to be an all too important niche industry globally.India currently …

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