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Pros and Cons of SiteGround Web Hosting

Do you know SiteGround positions themselves as one of the best well crafted hosting provider. SiteGround runs individually as a web hosting company offering different hosting solutions as part of their venture which are affordable, versatile and kind of plans liked by millions.

With, Shared Linux hosting all the way to cloud and dedicated hosting solutions for enterprise and growing websites. They can be simply called as one of the fastest and not owned by any large corporate holding company.

If you have couple of small websites that needs their own hosting services. You may give a try on SiteGround although, the reviews are based on high praise from people all over the globe.

Here’s what I found with SiteGround Pros & Cons, and Duly love to Structure them on this article.

Pros of SiteGround:

Speed & Performance:

  • If someone visits your website URL that request gets sent to web hosting company and next to your server files. Thus, this is necessary task for your server to fetch those requested files to the visitor’s browser as quickly as possible.
  • SiteGround makes loads of promises on upfront. I ran a test and found it to  be true.
  • SiteGround speed and performance are major pros on their products lineup.

Features Set & Integration:

  • SiteGround offers a strong feature set especially when you know things technically. They also provide unlimited databases and accounts.
  • SiteGround also provides daily backups, which is one of the safety thing if you’re running a blog.
  • All the plans comes with SSD storage, HTTP/2 Enabled servers, SSL encryption with 30 days money back guarantee.
  • SiteGround also offers you with industry standards Cpanel to manage your server and having a simple user account backend is one of the best.
  • For every starter or beginner of new website they do offer free transfer and a domain name for a year.

Customer Support:

Like, I have mentioned earlier SiteGround offers good customer support especially when its user caused with such support mechanism surely this is a plus factor on technical events.

Good Transparency:

SiteGround offers a supportive community which is refreshing to look at. It’s a straightforward company which does not believe in immersive product sales. Rather its supportive and puts an uptime meter on their navigation panel. They are global oriented and features five major data centers.

Cons of SiteGround:

Pricing Point:

  • When it comes to pricing things can be little bit maddening. Although it’s not fair to compare apples to orange because plans generally comes with different pricing caps.
  • When we see the shared hosting plans they do provide StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek plans.
  • With a price list of  $3.95/month, $5.95/month, $11.95/month respectively. But the sad part is they limit Disk space .
  • Well, they may provide good startup pricing but renewals are high compared to other hosting providers.

Plan Limitations:

  • I feel because of the plan limitations it is one of the disadvantage in for themselves. They have limited caps for all the shared hosting plans instead of shrinking the databases or domains.
  • Shared server are normally struggles to equip with traffics at the same time, it may be noted a disadvantage. But I can pretty much say capping the plans makes their service more reliable.

Developer orientation:

  • SiteGround made to appeal the site developers. Even if you don’t need the advanced features , you can opt out of it and resume when you need. The pretty basic features in startup plan is simple and straightforward. Again, it’s all about when you’re looking what features you need.
  • Somewhere I believe SiteGround doesn’t offers range of marketing features that other hosting plans do. Even the site builder free with Cloudflare CDN still it’s nowhere  near to stock BOLDGRID WordPress website builder.


WordPress Gets Installed Automatically with a Test Published page:

To clarify this, the disadvantage is somewhat different from what we’ve previously mentioned. SiteGround installs WordPress with a little customized version. Literally I’m not a fan of this practice moreover it will automatically publishes a page with a general tips link to wordpress home site.

I thought it to be little odd as a user sample test page visible to the general public instead of simply publishing a page on user’s dashboard would be a far better option.


SiteGround is definitely one of the best to look at if you’re searching for a hosting. They have a solid infrastructure and provides good customer support. With more technical features and full fledged plans on their path it is easy to grow as blogger or a website owner.

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