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Top 10 Cloud Hosting Providers of 2017-2018

Cloud Hosting: 

Cloud Hosting is one of the most innovative and an upcoming hosting methodology, that uses Cloud Computing Technology. This enables numerous systems to act as one system. However, hosting solutions like shared and dedicated hosting systems depends on one system and Cloud hosting security is guaranteed by many servers. Using this technology has many advantages like reliability, accessibility, scalability and  cost efficiency. Even though, Cloud computing and hosting are becoming a trending technology at present, they have their own limitations such as Security of data and lack of full control over the entire database.

Cloud Hosting

Some of the basic terms that user need to understand and has to take care of while purchasing a cloud network are as follows:

  • RAM
  • CPU
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating Systems
  • Plans Available


RAM or Random Access Memory, is random number of bytes that a computer can grab at any time.  This also has a limitation, according to the operating system.


For Start up companies, there is no need for huge amount of storage or bandwidth. However, as the company grows, we will be needing more bandwidth.

Operating System:

It is a software that manages our computer’s processing and memory. This software makes it easy to communicate with our system. There are many Operating systems like LINUX, Windows etc. Following are the Most Popular OS commonly Used by Major Cloud Hosting Providers RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD.

User has to understand these terms, in order to purchase the best suited Cloud according to their computing needs and that can provide high efficiency, which will be cost effective.

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Service Provider of 2017-2018: 

Here we are discussing the Top 10 Cloud hosting service providers and the plans provided by them.

S.No Company RAM Bandwidth OS Plans
1 512MB – 64GB 1TB – 9TB LINUX Starting from $5 to $640 per month
2 1GB – 200GB 40Gbps LINUX Starting from $5 to $960 per month
3 KVM VPS Hosting

512MB – 16GB

Dedicated Servers

24GB – 192GB


For Dedicated
10 TB

LINUX SSD Shared Hosting:

Starting from $4.00 to $100.00

Dedicated Servers:

Starting from $130 to $700

4 512MB – 64GB 500GB-10TB LINUX Starting from $2.50 to $320
5 128MB – 16GB 6000Gbps LINUX Starting from $3.5 to $80
6 2GB – 6GB Unlimited Windows, LINUX Starting from $4.95 to $9.95
7 2GB – 6GB Unlimited LINUX Starting from $6.95 to $15.95
8 512MB – 1GB 20GB – 50GB LINUX Starting from $5.00 to $15.00
9 512MB – 8GB Unlimited Windows and LINUX Starting from $4.50 to $48
10 1GB  – 8GB Unmetered Windows, LINUX Starting from $16.99 to $31.99

  1. DigitalOcean:


  • They are focusing on providing an enhanced and uninterrupted service to its Clients.
  • They are using a simple concept called Droplet, using which we can deploy a Cloud server in seconds with a user-friendly and a flexible API.
  • We can select from thousands of droplet, to run our workload in the production environment
  • The space can be extended up to 16 TB, by attaching a block storage to our droplet.
  • Easy to maintain a robust environment, that has speed of 40Gbps. This enables us to have a lightening network connection.
  • We can deploy and manage our apps in the Cloud easily using the pre-built images.
  • Automation and scaling of workloads are comparatively easy, with the speed and space provided, by this Cloud hosting provider.

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  • Leading Solid State Drive (SSD) storage is provided for optimal performance
  • Lightening fast network speed, with the network-in speed of 40Gbps
  • Using the fastest processors available in the Cloud market, Intel E5
  • User-friendly interface which allows users to deploy, boot, resize and clone easily
  • They are available widely and have 9 datacenters in 3 regions like Asia Pacific, North America and Europe
  • They are having a virtual console, which enables to access their server’s console even during network issues.
  • Simple Command Line Interface which allows users to access the Linodes from the comfort of our terminal
  • Easy data recovery, when a disaster occurs. Robust and reliable.

  1. Royal Clouds:

  • They provide in-built system facilities with automated OS updates, which updates the latest changes without any extra cost.
  • Round the clock support is provided to the Clients. They can contact the technicians via e-mail or they can also submit a ticket, stating the issue. You will also Get 24×7 Online Support through their Chatting System.
  • 99% Uptime is guaranteed, which reduces the risk of session outages. This in turns provides the customer satisfaction
  • Instant support during any system failures or RAM or Disk failures
  • Automated backup service is available to the users and Clients can restore the system within a single click.
  • They are also providing an innovative security method, which also includes a scanner and antivirus in order to detect any malicious files.
  • High speed and reliable servers, which enables high user satisfaction.
  • Separate plans for Shared Hosting, VPS & Dedicated Servers, which is Cost effective.
  • Their Support Staffs are very Friendly and get your problem solved in few mins.


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  1. Vultr:

  • One of the special feature of this Cloud hosting service provider is they are providing infite OS combinations like Windows, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, CentOS etc.
  • They are providing consistent performance with the use of latest generation Intel core processors
  • They are providing full root access and a dedicated IP address to all their clients.
  • Allowing integration with our API to spin up, destroy or to control your instances, in short span of time
  • They are providing many features in one click like Restarting, rebooting, reinstallation, etc.
  • Clients can pay as per their usage and since there is no long term contracts, it is more cost effective.

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  1. Ramnode:

  • Super fast Input output with RAID10 SSD storage, which enables increased performance
  • Use of power core processors like E3 and E5 Xeon CPUs
  • They are providing optional protection and security up to 100Gbps, to secure the clients data
  • Around the clock support and users can easily raise tickets if they face any issues
  • Instant deployment is an added feature, once you pay you can get started with your cloud immediately, without any delay

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  1. Hostgator:

  • Faster loading times, due to the low density servers and use of premium hardwares
  • The data in your website is managed more efficiently
  • Increased scalability, as your online presence grows.
  • Data migration, rebooting etc can be done with one simple click
  • Guaranteed minimum outages as your network traffic increases
  • You can easily understand your sites performance, with the provided dashboard.
  • Whenever there is a hardware issue, your site can be switched to another server. This ensures maximum performance of your site.

  1. BlueHost:

  • They are providing complete administrative control with a powerful Hosting control panel
  • Around the clock service provided without delay time
  • Enables unlimited add-on domains, Sub-domains, SSL etc
  • Provides maximum programming support
  • Upload and manage your web pages easily and you can also view your website statistics easily
  • Robust infrastructure with the use of Dual Quad-core processor for enhanced performance
  • More reliable systems
  • If Client is not satisfied, they are providing money back in 30-days.

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  1. A2Hosting:

  • This service provider enables the best speed and security setting to its users
  • Use of Turbo servers increasing the speed and provides the best hosting experience
  • Around the clock support provided by the team
  • When you are planning to move your site to different domain, our support people can do it for free
  • They are also offering money back guarantee, when the Client is not satisfied
  • More reliable, robust servers and zero outages guaranteed

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  1. DreamHost:

  • This service provider is privately owned and they are maintaining their values and they are committed to the customers
  • With their Anti-spam policy, our data are secure with them, due to increased privacy
  • They have special security features like Authentication, auto-enabled, sFTP. Etc
  • They are also providing open source solutions to their customers.
  • 24*7 support is provided to their customers, in simple one-touch resolution
  • 100% uptime guaranteed

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  1. GoDaddy:

  • Cost effective compared to other Cloud hosting service providers
  • They are also providing wide range of domain names to choose from
  • Around the clock support from their technicians
  • The servers can be set up easily within small time frame and provides complete control to the clients
  • They are also providing permanent IP address to their customers
  • All the configuration and data is securely backed up in the cloud, which reduces the risk of loosing the data


In this article, we have discussed the Top 10 Cloud hosting providers available and their features, which they are providing to their users. With this, the reader can get a clear picture on which site to go for, depending on the cost and performance. Cloud hosting is a cost-efficient method provided for the users so that they can maintain their website, without any delay or issue.

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