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Top 10 Best Domain Registrar Companies in 2017-2018

Often websites are a source of income of many people. Making a website and bringing in traffic yields great deal of money. There are many companies in the market that provide Domain registration.

Best Domain Registrar

Here is a look into the top 10 Domain Registrar Companies Around the Globe.


They put a lot of money into advertising and hence are a bit expensive than their competitors. However, their often offer discount codes and coupons. Their aggressive advertising has made them a household name in many companies. They usually run promos where you can buy a domain for just $0.99 for a year or two. Also, GoDaddy’s renewal rates are quite low.


Probably the most affordable company in the business. Their plans are quite cheap which makes them an instant favorite with the masses. They also offer freebies such as URL forwarding and email. Registering a domain for your site is that easy with $14.68/year for .com prefix. Also, it lets you register your personal domain under 8.99$ for a year too.  With few extra bucks, the user gets SSL certificates.


Easy to migrate from other hosts. It’s just a offshoot of Tucows Inc. now that’s the third largest ICANN accredited registrar available online. With wonderful customer supports makes it as an instant hit with the consumers.  When registering a .com domain start with $12.99 for and a domain transfer fee of $8.00 approx.

A company that offers email nabbing services. They allow you to take charge of expired or broken domain names. This is a good plan on their part. Their pricing isn’t cheap, but every good thing in this world is expensive. A stellar customer support makes sure that their users never stick to a problem for a long time. It offers you three different categories one from domain search and buying expired domains, Manage domains where you can transfer domains and lastly with renewing domain names. For, a .com domain you need to pay around $12.99, .net with $13.99.


DreamHost can be your choice if you’re looking for a domain name. With tons of cool features and unlimited no. of domain names which offers domain privacy, easy dashboard with domain’s setting and top notch user friendly company. Using DreamHost, you can simply buy a domain which costs around $11.95 which let’s you transfer your domain if required so. People often choose DreamHost as it is better to have hosting and domain under a similar roof.

1&1 Internet:

It offers great pricing. Also, a signup process is quite easy and fast. So you can get your website up and running in no time. They domain registration at $0.99 for first year, and will cost you over $14 from 2nd year. It helps your brand make your online visibility astounding. Also, a magnificent customer support makes this quite famous among Web Devs.


Probably the oldest site that has been registering domains, They don’t offer cheap services. But their users will eventually notice where their money is going as Gandi’s services are unparalleled. On registering a domain through Gandi, users get 1 year of SSL certificate free.With a .com prefix users can buy any domain name of his/her choice at INR 1040 per year. Thereafter, you can register the same with .in and .org with INR 680 per year and INR 1,960 for 2 years They have an excellent reputation in the market, which they maintain quite well.

They offer cheapest domain registration. Their cheap pricing makes them a favorite among Web Devs. It works quite well with WordPress. Also, they have a very fast email support. Users like due its simplicity and pricing. With .com prefix you can easily get a domain name for yourself at $9.99, .org for $14.99, .net for $10.99 on a yearly basis.


HostGator is a marvellous site to register a domain name, you will be charged $15.00 for a year. If you like to get a privacy protection you can have that with an addition charge of $12.95. HostGator currently have more than 9 millions domain name registered on their platform which provides a solid foundation even when you’re starting your online journey.


They offer good speed and but now so decent uptime. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee like their competitors. It offers you domain name search and registration through its portal which comes to $8.99 for a .com domain and $16.99 for a .org prefix. It even lets you choose some top premium domain name of your choice with an additional price. Also, they offer good security with SiteLock security. Also, they support third party apps and their integration is quite easy.


So, this concludes our list for top 10 best domain registrar companies in 2017.  As, far I can say from my personal experience NameCheap is one of the best and a great domain registrar they have easy setup and awesome support services. If you haven’t been testing this out so far? Feel free and give a try.

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