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Linode vs. Vultr – Detailed Comparison Between Linode & Vultr

You must be looking for a good VPS or you have so many, you’ve lost your count? We’re pretty sure that you would  research it out before shelling out for a new server. Although, It a big investment and you want to snag the best deals by paying a lot of hefty hosting fees annually.


Here, are couple of things you might  look at:

All these have similar prices for un-managed servers– that means you are solely responsible for maintaining everything.

Instead, moving through each hosting provider. We would like to hone into the facts that what each providers offers in terms of RAM, DISK, TRANSFER which works as a benchmarks and can provide you most performance for your money.

Ok, so let’s start with the very first detail with an actual comparison on what hosting plan does it offers. Both hosting offers very basic starter plans thus, on a note Vultr tries to go ahead with $2.50 but allows you to utilize only few resources when compared to Linode VPS hosting.

Host  Price Per Month RAM Storage SSD
Linode $5 1GB  20GB
Vultr $ 2.50 512 MB 20GB

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Which one is the best for a Staging Server?

Now, if you decide to go for the cheapest hosting plan and use it through a testing phase. You can definitely try the these two powerful hosting VPS hosting plan.

If you ever thought of cloud/VPS can be major upgrade for your traditional hosting packages. The most popular goes with a 2GB RAM for all developers and website owners.

Host Price Per Month RAM Storage SSD
Linode $10  2GB 30GB
Vultr $10 2GB 40GB

Which one is best for your production site?

What about choosing between Linode or Vultr. Both are extremely reliable and always available for support.  You’ll get quick responses and professional help.

Now, with 8GB servers we can look at what these providers can offer you.

8GB Plans Linode Vultr
CPU  4-cores  4-cores
PRICE $40/month $40/month

Time for Some Bench Marking Test:

With bench marking scores, you definitely need to look at some important aspect we found out on server’s performance:

A speed test always shows how quickly files can be uploaded in the server.

A bandwidth test no only measures the download speeds from CDN networks, but do the following task:

  • Disk speed Test
  • Disk I/O Test

Although test it out on various server, with 8GB plans on our baseline along with 3GB RAM. We found the benchmark even interesting.

Vultr Linode
Disk Read 6144MB/s  5538 MB/s
Disk Read 1444 MB/s 2999 Mb/s
dd(64k/32k)/(1M/2048) 388 MB/s / 389 MB/s  1.5 GB/s / 1.5 GB/s
Read IOPS 1610649  1451827
Bandwidth 799.84 Mbit/s 654.99 Mbit/s
Speed Test  529.32 Mbit/s 370.61 Mbit/s
Unixbench 3957.9 3555.9

And, here what these results means:

  • Vultr comes on First
  • Linode comes Second

We dare to stay very realistic this time, the benchmark ended up with a reasonable score with a bandwidth at 1305.48Mbit/sec and a speed test at 107.95 Mbit/sec.

What Should you Invest in Linode or Vultr?

This is where things becomes interesting with extra effort we pull up RAM vs Performance ratio.

RAM/dollar  – All the plan here talked about having a 8GB RAM although in certain scenario they all did not cost the same. You can easily maintain the costs VPS/Dedicated server if  you’re looking for a absolute but don’t want to spend a huge amount per month to make it happen.

Performance/dollar- Let’s just examine how far you can spend your dollars when it comes to raw performance. It would be fair enough to see performance raise for every dollar you spend.

Wrapping it up Quickly:

There may be a lot more option to go for VPS server, you would get raw speed vs. price. Some want a cheap offering other like the fact they get more unique features. The last thing we would like to conclude before jumping into conclusion will be picking a right VPS provider.

We hope this article provided you some great insight on certain  issues on picking a right VPS hosting provider.

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