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Linode vs OVH – Which is the Better Pick?

VPS or Virtual Private Servers are basically virtual software that have the capability to run an Operating System. These are basically used to power websites. However, there are also dedicated servers. People often choose VPS as compared to dedicated hosting as it is comparatively cheaper.


Here is a guide to help you choose the best VPS between DigitalOcean and OVH.


The comparison is based upon the minimum rates offered by respective companies.

Each VPS has the following services on offer for their Customers:

Memory Linode offers their customers 1GB of RAM. This amount of RAM is much larger as compared to its competitors. Similarly, OVH offers its customers 2GB of RAM to power their business. The quality of both is quite decent and at par with each other.

Processor Both the two companies offer their customers 1 core vCPU.

Storage OVH offers their customers 10GB of Solid State Drive or SSD. But Linode offers their customers 20GB of SSD. SSD’s are reliable memory disks and are seldom prone to data loss.  This is the industry trend- to use SSD.

Transfer Linode offers transfer bandwidths separately for uploads and downloads. 40 GB upload and 1000 GB download is offered by Linode. OVH on the other hand doesn’t count incoming uploads like their competitors. They only count the outgoing traffic that a website would face.

Pricing Linode’s base price starts at 5$/month. Also, Linode offers hourly rates as well at 0.007$/hour. The basic package of OVH starts at roughly 3.14$/month. Also, OVH offers 50GB of extra space at 5 Euros. If the user still wants to buy extra space, then it is available in either 100GB or 150GB priced at 50GB/5 Euro.

Benefits of Choosing Linode:

  • Their configuration for medium tiered websites is expensive.
  • Good Customer Service.
  • Uses Intel E5 Processors.

Drawbacks of Choosing Linode

  • No cPanel
  • No Windows Hosting
  • Extra features are pricey and not free
  • Benefits of Choosing OVH
  • OVH uses modern Intel Xenon servers.
  • Their most expensive plan is of 22$, which is still quite less as compared to their competitors.
  • One week rentals for dedicated servers.
  • Drawbacks of Choosing OVH
  • Poor customer support.
  • No free trials.
  • Confusing Interface.

There are many competitors in the market. Most of them offer decent services. However, there is no clear winner between OVH and Linode.

While choosing a VPS, list your basic requirements first. If you are unsure of the scale of your website, start with a basic plan. Almost all the companies allow hassle free upgrade options. Using this to your advantage, start with a basic plan.

As your website’s traffic increases, upgrade to a better, costlier plan. However, make sure that you never underestimate the potential of your website. Choosing a basic plan even if you website requires a better one can harm you and your website.

No one likes and trusts a website that faces server issues.

Our Verdict:

It might be hard to decide a dependable web host which can address your online demands and web traffic. There are several web hosting packages around the internet that sells different hosting packages. Selecting the precise for your need is little hard. That’s why we came to rescue you using our comparison on LINODE VS OVH which helps you to gather enough data to fit your cash flow. We have summoned everything on our comparison with positives and negatives about both hosting provider’s.

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