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InMotion Hosting vs Vultr 2017-2018

InMotion hosting has been around since 2001. They have been the first choice of many people since ages. It is often termed as a nerd’s choice. Their plans are well customized. Their plans are so designed that looks appealing to people that are running large setups.

InMotion Hosting vs Vultr
On the other hand, Vultr has a global dominance. Their servers are present all around the globe. They use the latest edition of Intel CPU’s, making sure that the latency is always low. Vultr is often chosen by budding entrepreneurs as they basic plans start at a low price.

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Here is a Comprehensive Guide Explaining and Drawing a Contrast between InMotion and Vultr.

Note- The comparison is based upon the premium rates offered by the two companies. .

Each VPS provider has the following services on offer


Both the companies offer 4 GB of memory to their customers. This amount is well sufficient to power a premium website.


A processor is required to reduce the time it takes to load a website, greater the processor, less will be the load time. Vultr offers its customers 2 vCPUs’. Similarly, InMotion also gives their customers 2 vCPUs’.


InMotion gives their customers 75 GB of free space. They also boast that there is storage is Fault Tolerant. So a user’s data would never get lost or deleted by the hosting service. Vultr on the other hand gives their customers 60 GB of SSD as storage. Unlike InMotion, Vultr’s servers are often prone to certain risks. Often the users have complained that their data keeps getting lost.


InMotion gives their customers 4 TB or 4096 GB of data transfer. This value includes both- downloads and uploads. On the other hand, Vultr gives their customer 4000 GB of data transfer.

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The base price of Vultr’s package is 5$ every month. However, their hourly rates are 0.004$/hour. The package discussed above costs 20$/month and is also available at 0.030$ for every hour.

Similarly, InMotion VPS is available at 49.99$/month. However, it is currently available at 29.99$/month. This package is also InMotion’s lowest package by amount.

As mentioned above, InMotion is usually favored by people running websites that have huge inflow of traffic. As there are no cheaper plans available, people who are just starting their website cannot commit to such an amount and specs.

On the other hand, Vultr is often preferred by people who are just starting their business in the online sector. As Vultr offers cheap plans starting at 5$/hour, it is quite popular among beginners.

Benefits of Using Vultr:

  • Cheap Rates
  • Intel Core CPUs
  • Easy Backup and Restore Process

Drawbacks of Using Vultr:

  • Support Structure is Weak
  • Add on Features are very Expensive

Benefits of Using InMotion:

  • Servers are faster than others.
  • Highly rated customer support
  • Offer free domain and other promotional offers

Drawbacks of Using InMotion:

  • No Cheaper Plans Available
  • Long Verification Process.

Our Verdict:

InMotion is one of the best and popular among business owners and web hosts. Although, company is based on US. This may be the biggest selling point where InMotion s offers a robust plans and dedicated server, when you traffic goes through the roof and you need unlimited bandwidth. That sounds brilliant, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, all of their plans listed provides you the unlimited bandwidth, Solid SE, regular backups.

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