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DigitalOcean Vs. Linode – A Comparison Between Two


The chances are if you are shopping for a virtual private server and you might know why they are so useful for web developers, app designers or for everyone. You can precisely know the popularity of this rising which means you can try almost all the big players in the space for yourself at a cost of one  Bazooka Joe comic. Fortunately, you have had that time to grasp this comparison between DigitalOcean versus Linode background.

DigitalOcean Vs. Linode

Pros & Cons of DigitalOcean:


DigitalOcean started making their mark through simple and affordable host pricing.

It would start with a very basic plan and run with $ 0.15/hr for 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, Storage of 30GB SSD and 2TB of transfer.

Virtual Machines yes
w/Local Storage yes
Block Storage yes
Object Storage no
Regions yes

Now, let’s look at the virtual machine pricing.


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  • What we did not like in Digital Ocean are lack of DDoS protection, What if your site gets attacked by a hacker. What DigitalOcean might cut the traffic to, save you site. Your site may get disconnected from internet then and can be a little hassle when you have good visitors on your site.
  • They still don’t accept Bitcoin yet, even though they get their most voting and suggestion down the line. Digital ocean does not have a valid point to adopt the crypto currency payment methods.
  • DigitalOcean provides a limited payment options.
  • Setup is not that fast as advertised.


We really don’t understand what Linode has done in past 5 years. Well, they still use their old control panel. With introduction of $5 plan they definitely improved their specs. We won’t discuss the DDoS attack, since we think this could happen to everybody, despite the fact that you should consider prevention beforehand and not while you are under attack.

The support is great, cordial and cooperating and we think the performance is more than adequate at the cost. 

Pros & Cons of Linode: 


Virtual Machines yes
w/Local Storage yes
Block Storage no
Object Storage no
Regions yes


  • Linode provides an excellent support. When raised a ticket they answer them within few minutes. Call it a hardware or network issue all you have to intimate them and problem gets resolved before anyone even notices.
  • We love well Build API and that’s the reason it gives access to nodes, stackscripts, nodebalancers, DNS accounts.
  • Linode enables you to make memory partitions so that you can copy or move them around. Moreover, it even gives you a chance to reboot your sessions with littler RAM keeping in mind the end goal.
  • Linode provides any user with their SDKs for several languages such as Python,PHP, Java, Node.js., Perl.


  • There’s as of now no help for paying through PayPal. Also there’s no plan to support it sooner rather than later.
  • On the prospect that you need to relocate to another hosting solution from Linode, you can’t do it without anyone else’s support. You need to open a support ticket (which for the most part is amazingly quick).
  • Can be an issue for those not used to setting up their own server. Managed services are truly expensive if help is required (Currently The Managed Service is $100 Per Month).


Our Verdict:

What we really feel about DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean has an extraordinary support mechanism. Smooth plans with easy Cpanel, the platform is pretty much develop and solid. The performance could be better contrasted with the competitor is however strong. The Ticket-supports are normal, yet we are happy that they have Jarland, who takes customer support serious. We will excitedly take after what DigitalOcean will do after Linode to stepped up their game.

For us the question is whether they will keep their pricing for hosting or also upgrade the RAM on their plans. They could lose a great deal of piece of the competition to the opposition, yet then again doubling the RAM will take a ton from their profits.


What we really feel about Linode? 

Linode might be focusing on Amazon and the other huge young players, however their most perilous rival has been in their backyard the whole time. DigitalOcean is attempting to fill a similar niches and satisfy a similar audience. At the present time, volume-wise, they’re doing it all the more effectively, as well. In any case, that is a showdown for them. The question is: what would be a good idea for you to decide for your VPS needs?

Well, both companies have a lot to offer around but with DigitalOcean one can simply pull enough of what majority of users need. Whereas, Linode does offer few offer that will strive more users with such discounts.

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