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Top 10 Best Liquor Alcohol Brands in India in 2017

The ranking of the various brands of the liquor are based on the recent survey regarding the sale of the branded liquor and the customer satisfaction.

  1. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue

One of the most favored whisky in India. It ranks high in the international market and it is demand is increasing higher across India. The whisky is much loved for its exotic taste and its striking aroma. The blue imperial whisky is available in different sizes and quantity.

  1. Kingfisher


It is a well-known Indian brand of famous Liquor by United Beverages Group. The brand is available in the variants of Strong, premium and Lager. It is also available in classic malt variants which are very famous.

  1. Officer’s Choice

Officer’s Choice

The liquor belongs to Allied Blenders and Distillers. It is made of malt spirits along with Indian neutral spirits. It is one of highly preferred brands available in exclusive malt flavors.

  1. 8 PM


The highly popular Scotch whisky is manufactured by Radico khaitan. It is considered to be the best brand of Scotch whisky. It has highly in demand in the international market.

  1. McDowell’s No.1 Reserve

McDowell’s No.1 Reserve

It is a top quality whisky owned by the United Breweries Group based primarily in Bangalore – India. The whisky is blended into perfection which is most suitable for Indian Climate.

  1. Royal Stag

Royal Stag

It is one of the most internationally preferred choices of liquor brands. It has the finest blends of Indian spirits made of grains and malt which refines the exquisite taste. It is one of the popular brands of liquor in India.

  1. Bacardi


It is the signature product of Bermuda based Bacardi Limited of Hamilton. It is world’s finest rum. The rum is prepared with the help of a strain of yeast which offers light taste and exceptional balance which keeps it free from crudeness smell and bitter taste. The blended rum is available all across India at affordable prices.

  1. Carlsberg


It is a new alcohol brand which has entered in the Indian liquor market. It is manufactured in the company based in Denmark. The brand is suitable to the Indian conditions and it remains most dominating in the Indian market.

  1. Old Port

Old Port

The manufacturers Amrut Distilleries, Bangalore – India manufactures the matured rum, which is distilled, aged and bottled. It is 100% Indian drink, which has exotic flavor and delicious taste that everyone who drinks it will enjoy.

  1. Bagpiper


The blended whisky is manufactured in India and is one of the high quality brands which has  huge demand in the liquor market. The best way to enjoy the whisky is by adding club soda and lots of ice. Bagpiper is available in tow brands such as bagpiper Classic and bagpiper Gold.

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