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News Gone Viral on Social Media About the Fake Bill of Rs.27718 of Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio itself was the viral issue since it was launched. It has offered free 4G data services, calls and message to the user by getting Reliance Jio sim at free of cost. It was the offer given to the customers till 31 December 2016 and, as a New Year 2017 offer it was extended for 3 months so more so craze among the users were seen. But twist and fear among the users have been created as the bill of Rs.27718 has become viral which is issued to a customer from Kolkata named Ayunuddin Mondal.


Recently it has become the top viral news that is still spreading more and more in different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and much more in the form of personal and group chats, wall post on Twitter and Facebook about the fake bill issued to the customer from Kolkata. The bill of Rs.277218 has been issued to the customer for using 554GB of data. It is also mentioned that late fees of Rs.1100 will be charged if the bill is paid lately. Apart from data, she bill is also charged will 44 Minutes of voice calling. Yes, you saw it right. It’s just 44 minutes which is charged in the bill. So, obviously, it sounds ridiculous and it is clear that the bill is a fake one. The bill is prank which is photoshopped to the high level of perfection so as to fool the customer and common people. This is actually issued to her on the usage after the Welcome Offer. Though the bill is fake and photoshopped, it will make you believe that it is an authentic one. So, you need not worry anymore if you receive this type of bill further in your name. The bill was issued to the number +917003324437 which is currently switched off.Reliance Jio

The origin of the bill is still unknown and according to the groups of social media users, it is observed that the bill was issued just to create panic among the users. In thevery short duration of time, Reliance Jio users have crossed over two crore customers and the daily usage is increased to 4GB of data with limited speed on the high usage. In fact, of being arumor, it has created confusion among the users. So, to clear this confusion to the existing and potential customers Jio spoke person has cleared that there is no such bill issued in the name of any person and it won’t be issued further as well because Reliance Jio Welcome offer has already announced that all the services offered to the customers until 31 December 2016 has been extended up to March.

So, it is made clear to all the Reliance Jio users and to them also who wants to get one for them that there is no such official confirmation and authenticity about the bill being real. Hence, the customer can be free from the panic as this information was just spread through a Facebook page.

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