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Advanced feature in Google Map: Now you can book a cab using the Google Map

Here we a splashing news for those who are working and especially for the female working women. As we all know in metro cities there is a huge rush of working peoples and night shifts or you can say late night offices are common so to have a safe journey you can book a cab so easily using the Google map on your Android device. The cabs belong to Uber and Lyft are the trust worthy as their providers have already gone through their details so deeply and have trust on them to provide a safe journey. So it’s not to be worry now and the Google map app will make you to book a cab conveniently whenever you need and wherever you need. To get the detailed information you need to go through the whole article carefully.

Google Map

A brief detail regarding the Google map

A Google map is an app which will directly connected to the satellite whenever you clicks on your data pack on in range of Wi-Fi. It will provide you web mapping for the location you want to reach from the location where you are at that time. The Google map app will guide you to reach your destiny in minimum time via many different modes as by walk, by car, by train or via the possible conveyance to reach the destination you decided. Google map app is really a boon for those whom are new to the routes while travelling to the other unknown locations. Google map app is used worldwide in almost all the countries and a trust worthy app till the date. No w to get the detailed information regarding to know ‘how to book a cab using the Google map app now’, you need to go through the article in detail, for more updates stay tuned with us.

How to book an Uber, Lyft, OLA using the Google map app now

To make the things easier and convenient, Goggle Map introduces a new advanced feature to book an Uber, Lyft, OLA using the Google map easily. This app will let to know you the availability of the cab nearby to your location easily and also helped out you to book the cab. As per the updates Google have a deal with the Uber globally so that it will help out the users to find the availability of the nearby cab to your location. This advanced feature will helped out you to compare easily regarding the fare of your journey their current locations nearby to you, routes they will suggested you to opt and many other features. So next time whenever you are going for a meeting or any other reason in late night or any time you can easily choose the Google map app to make your travelling easier and you can book the cab just by a click.

Hopefully soon this feature will flash on your device screen, or you need to update your app to get this feature. For more updates stay tuned with us we will be back soon with more updates.

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