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Bigg Boss 10, December 15, 2016: (Manu Punjabi missed his mother badly, a casual day for all the contestants)

The day starts usually with the lyrics of a song ‘Bunty or Bubbly’, every one wake up and started their as usual works. Camera shows some old footage of early morning in which Om Swami Ji hiding some fruits in the bathroom of jail. Manu seems to be quite sensitive and confessed to Lopamudra that he want to die, on the other hand Swami ji also seems to be braked and Priyanka offered him some tea to him. Bani seems to be quite unhappy with Gaurav’s Behaviour and told to Rohan that he is not a good man and never be on his commitments and promises with her, Rohan tries to clarify Bani that he might felt bad when she was with Jason and Sahil that’s why he behaved so Bani defend herself by saying that this is not her problem if she had some feelings for anyone in the house and the feeling was just because they are living together.

Rohan explains every detail to Gaurav Whatever the Bani told to him and asked him to say sorry for his behaviour to her. On the other hand Rahul says that Bani was feeling bad as she had to nominate Nitibha in elimination round even when she doesn’t want to do that. Gaurav announced in the house that their Luxury budget is zero as Om Swami Ji and Rahul Dev didn’t performed the task so. As everyone shows sympathy to Bani so Gaurav had decided to say sorry to her in a different way and as a result he write down on a paper that ‘Bani I am Sorry’ and paste that on his back. Bani reacted the way she had to as he was doing all this to show in camera’s only.

Manu favours Bani and tells that she is the honest contestant of the Bigg Boss and if Gaurav said something wrong about her than he have to be sorry for that. Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task in the house and gives the ring to Lopamudra, Bani and Manveer and told to them they have to jump in the swimming pool and whomever leave the ring first will lose the task.

In the captaincy task Priyanka annoys Lopa by throwing water on her, all the three than decided to move in a circle and during this Bani gets hurt, everyone started to prank jokes on her like if Bani swears then surely she will be right but if someone said something to her than that’s not ok. Overall she was out of the captaincy task and now the fight remains between Lopamudra and the Manveer.

Manu Punjabi started to cry after remembering his mother and Rahul Dev consoles him, it was really a critical condition for Mannu to handle his emotions as well as being in the completion. Continuous efforts are put by both the contestants Manveer and the Lopamudra during the captaincy task, Nitibha and Mona were wondered that how can they both manage to continue this task for such a long time.

As soon as the time passes Manveer sleeps and Lopamudra snatched the ring From Manveer and becomes the winner of captaincy task. In between all this Bani and Gaurav spent some time together and had a casual walk and had some discussions.

So finally a more day comes to its end with some sorrows and some joys. Everyone get back to their bed and darkness comes and contestants murmured out the gossips around for few more minutes. We will get back to you with some more updates soon.

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