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Bigg Boss 10, 9 December: Some more entertainment, new captain, apologies, twists

A new day started in Bigg Boss with new happenings in the house; as usual OM Swami Ji argued and continues his pravachans and made Rohan Mehra and Lopamudra Rout to laugh at him. Lopamudra Rout and Swami Ji seem to be happy when Bigg Boss announced their release from the jail. Swami Ji started to play game and tried to defend himself and apologised to Gaurav that he was just acting, there was no reality in his behaviour.

Bigg Boss told to everyone in the house to vote for a contestant who can compete with Priyanka Jagga in the captaincy task. There is a conversation between Priyanka Jagga and Manveer in which she clarifies that Nitibha was in this race just because of her. The discussion continues between contestants of house ant on one end there is some discussion between Gaurav Nitibha and Lopa that to whom they should vote and in between that Swami Ji interrupted.

Now camera shows the moments captured during the voting where Rahul Dev chooses the Gaurav instead of Lopa as a result Gaurav get the maximum vote while Priyanka and Lopa’s argument leads to a dispute. Priyanka disclosed that Lopa gets only one vote and Lopa cried out in bathroom and told to Rohan that she was hurted due to Rahuls’s behaviour. Rohan tried to clear out the things between Lopa and Rahul, Mona Lisa and Manveer discussed that to which they should support: Mona Lisa said that they should do whatever is right according to their heart.

Manveer declared that Gaurav will compete against Priyanka in Captaincy task. Nitibha reads out the captaincy task in which they have to select 4 partners each to support them while they were in air and tied to the harness, the one who aloft for longest in air will win. The teams divided as Gaurav with Rahul, Mona, Rohan, and Lopa on the other hand Priyanka with Bani, Om Swami, Sahil and Nitibha. Manveer was the sanchaalak and the task will takes place in his guidance.

As the task begins Bani tried to quit the task by saying that she had some pain in shoulder. She encouraged the Gaurav’s team and tried to distract Sahil and said to leave the rope after all this Priyanka starts crying and Manveer yelled to her to stopped crying. Bani Distract Sahil and said him to drop the rope, a twist comes when Swami Ji said to Bani that her mother will died if she did this as a reaction she lose her patience and argued with Swami Ji that how dared he was to pass such disgusting comments. Manveer tried to control the situation as a sanchaalak but Bani lost her temper and argued with Swami Ji, Swami Ji also tried to regret but Bani didn’t Liston any thing and go to her bed. Manveer declared the result of the task as the result Priyanka wins the task and becomes the captain. Gaurav showed his anger and disappointment towards the Om Swami Ji’s behaviour toward Bani. Mona Lisa and Jason reacted to the Om Swami Ji’s behaviour during the task. Swamis tried his best to defend himself and even full of tears but Bani pushed him and go to her bed and started crying. Bani comes into a ugly fight with Priyanka when she taunts her, Lopa tried to clarify Bani that Swami Ji did so to support Priyanka.

Sana Khan, Gurmeet Chaudhary and Sharman Joshi were welcomed by the Bigg Boss in house and they entered with the lyrics of the title track of their upcoming film and had a basket of brownies in their hand. There was a fun game introduced by the guests in which a contestant eats a brownie and give reasons that why that person made him/her happy. Rahul offered brownie to Lopa and give that he wants her to keep smiling, Mona ate out brownie on behalf of Mannu as he was the reason behind that. Nitibha and Manveer offered to each other and same as Bani and Gaurav to each other. We will get back to you soon with the upcoming episode of the Bigg Boss 10.

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