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Bigg Boss 10, 8th December with the 53rd episode: jokes cracked on OM by Rohan, Nitibha and Jason

As per the rule after the lap of whole night all the contestants of Bigg Boss wake up with a song “ye public hai sab janti h …..ye public haii..’ and after that the entertainment begins. The day was quite terrific for OM Ji as Rohan, Nitibha and Jason cracked pranks on him, they make everyone laugh by saying that if OM Ji planned to be get married then no girl will marry him after watching this act.

On the dining table during the breakfast session there was a formal conversation between the house mates, where Om Ji complains about the youngest contestant Rohan Mehra that his behaviour was no good with him even he always supports Rohan, while as per Rohan Swami Ji just befooling every one and he has double standards and quite cunning and fake he is. As the reaction of Swami Ji he starts shouting and Lopamudra who was just sitting behind him and said Swami Ji to be quite and let everyone to eat the breakfast in peace. As Swami Ji keeps on Bickering and continues his rant so Rohan gets frustrated and called him ‘paagal insaan’, Lopamudra interrupt in between and said to Swami Ji to sit somewhere else and stopped to annoying everyone.

A twist comes into the conversation as the Priyanka enters, as Swami Ji complains to his daughter about Rohan’s misbehave and arguments and also said that all this was he doing just to get the attention of the audience. Lopa again comes and fulfilled the conversation by saying that Rohan didn’t need all that help, he already had a strong fan following. Manveer advised Rohan to stop the arguments with Swami Ji as he will continues his pravachans and rant, no one can stop him even all these arguments didn’t affect him so it will be better to calm down instead of wasting energy.

As the time passes Bigg Boss asked the captain to announce the name of those contestants who will be put into jail. He took the name of two contestants OM Ji and Lopamudra Rout; he justified the name on the basis of task they performed. He also gives reasons to Lopamudra for her nomination by saying that he did so as he don’t want her to be in race of Captaincy in house. Swami Ji also defends himself that Gaurav becomes the captain because of him and how can he do so with him. But as per the rule Bigg Boss ordered both Lopamudra Rout and Swami Ji to be in jail till the further instructions will be given to them.

In the evening Bigg Boss announced the press conference in the living area with media where Gaurav and the nominated contestants have to answer the questions of media representatives. They Questioned to the Manveer’s identity after Mannu left the house, Asked Priyanka about her insensitive behaviour with other contestants, asked Lopa that is Bani unsecured of her as per the arguments and rapid fire of arguments with Bani and Lopa a secret disclosed over there that there is a cold War between both of them.

After so much frustration and arguments Bani quite breakdowns and begged to Bigg Boss that she want to get rid of the house. Lopa had a great time with Swami Ji and enjoyed the day in jail and Bani also narrates the whole press conference to her in detail, as the time passes Bani had a conversation with Jason and tried to calm down in his arms. So we will get back to you soon with some more entertainment and twists in next episode, stay tuned with us.

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