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Bigg Boss 10 19 December: Mona’s disappointment with his boyfriend….seems to be unhappy

The day begins ….Mona visited the store room and he saw the clothes sent by her boyfriend but she was not happy with that and comes out the store room. Manu asked her to show but she said that his boyfriend didn’t send her designer sarees and she will not wear these clothes at any cost. Manu said this will show the mood of his boyfriend towards her. Manu said he can’t take revenge like this and you know you will leave soon in the coming week, we all nominates you and after that you can said to him that you left the show for him.

Bani tells clearly to the Gaurav that his friendship is completely meaning full as whenever he wants help, he needs food or he needs fun he came to her but when his turn comes and during nominations when she supposed that he will supports her that time he didn’t so this will not work like this and I can’t trust like such peoples. Gaurav said she completely manipulate the things and he didn’t afraid of someone’s father there, she asked him clearly why he didn’t nominated Mona, if he did so than she will not get nominated at all, he tried to clarify that she is a celeb so he had to defend her this the only reason behind this. Gaurav said do whatever you want , if you don’t want to talk to me then need not i will not forced you to do so and he left the place, Bani cones to the camera and said if he got frustrated than she also facing the same.

On the other hand Mona faced the camera and cries as she don’t want to live there as his own home is at risk due to it, she refused to wore up the clothes send by her boyfriend and said clearly that evict her she don’t want to be a part of this show any more and begged to evict her and realized that it was a mistake if i choose myself to be here. Now camera shows the conversation between Manu and Rohan, Mannu tells that Manveer always chase a member and play beside that person, he is just like a non striking batsman and always supposed to be safe as he wants to be, even Lopa said she noticed Niti she never allowed him to even sit with others and Manveer was in her lap and said to each other that they were the commoners remains in the house and they will survived together even Niti will get evicted this week…..

The day day begins in the Bigg Boss house with the song ‘jahan teri ye najar hai meri jan mujhe khabar hai’ Manveer and Niti dances together and Niti hugs him.

Swami again gives his pravachans and said not to cursed, Manu said to Mona that if he Liston his words he will ************* , he got tired of his words and Manveer said he was a disloyal person, Manu said he would locked him in fridge.

Bigg Boss announced the UC Browser task in between Mona, Manveer and Rohan. Firstly Rohan goes in the Booth to see the video clips in which his co star Heena Khan comes and said to take stand for him in the house and said this is the peak time now to prove himself the best in the show. Manveer saw the clipping angrily when Gaurav Said that Mona and Manveer that they were not like brother and sister at all and Bani said she saw them in bedroom that night. Manveer comes out and said to Gaurav and Bani to be well done as comment to them that they called themselves to be celebs and had 10 years of experience with this narrow minded thinking. There were many conversations between all the inmates and which took a new face in the house ….questions were arises regarding the character of individuals.

Mona comes in booth and saw the clippings of her boyfriend and Manu’s girlfriend and she started crying after seeing all that. Lastly as the time passes with controversies the Bigg Boss announced to be in living area for nominations after getting the reviews Bigg Boss announced the Bani J, Mona and Gaurav as final nominations for the week. We will be backing soon with some more in next episode.

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