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Bigg Boss on 7 December; fights & Breakdowns in Bigg Boss house last night (winner of the task as Priyanka finally)

Last night episode was quite interesting many shades of celebrities and the common man were visible on screen. The day starts with the lyrics of song ‘chakke mei chakke’ everyone wake up, As Rohan Mehra and Sahil Anand braked a rule by going outside the bedroom after the task commenced so they had to pay fined but both of them refused to Priyanka Jagga so she spits on them. After her such reaction Rahul Mehra warned her to behave herself, Laupamudra Raut also supports him and warned her for this annoying behaviour. Priyanka Jagga also let her know to pay the fine after that she will stop all that but Lopa defend herself by saying that all the points have been stolen that’s why they can’t pay.

As the time passes in the Bigg Boss house there were some gossiping about the Bani’s behaviour with Gaurav, Priyanka tried to clarify from her that why she was crying and left the task. There is a conversation between Gaurav and Jason that whenever Bani comes to him she feels touchy kind of. Gaurav also explains to the Manveer that why Bani’s behaviour was so, and he didn’t have any reasons behind this to clarify.

When Jason had a conversation with Bani she told him that if Gaurav wants to be in a race of captaincy then he must clarify everything to her face to face and need not to gossip here and there. Gaurav seems to be upset and paid of the amount which was commuted by the Bani as a taxi driver. The game becomes more suspicious when Priyanka gets Lopa’s points and told to her that Gaurav helped her to get the points from the spot where you hide them.

Priyanka behaved straight forward to Lopa and said her directly that she had to return her points or she had to be in jail for that but Lopamudra Raut denied for both. Priyanka had a conversation with Gaurav and asked him to get the points from Laupamudra at any cost, but he refused to do so as according to him she was a cunning and a two faced lady and he dared not to argued or fight with her. Lopa tries to clarify to Gaurav that why he was doing all that and fluctuates as Priyanka said something to her maybe there was purpose she was doing so.

Rahul Mehra assured Lopa that he will helped her out to get the points back, she breakdown and Priyanka asked to her why she was crying, overall Rahul gave his points to Lopa. Then there is an announcement in Bigg Boss house that the tenure of the task had been completed now and asked everyone about their accumulated points at the end of the task.

Lastly Priyanka won the task after having the maximum points and have a position in the race of captaincy. Gaurav and Nitibha with almost 2000 points also joined Priyanka as the contenders in the race of captaincy. Late night there was a conversation between the Jason and Bani as he asked her to give a hug but she refused by saying that there is a camera and they both are on a National TV. Now we will get back to you soon with some more updates about the Bigg Boss 10’s next episode.

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