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Bigg Boss 10, latest updates about the episode of 5th December

As usual a twist comes in today’s episode, Bigg Boss called the Mannu to confession room, and told him that as per the reviews of audiences he will have to comes out from the Big Boss house. Mannu was quite shocked and shared this with Mona Lisa and Manveer, both gets shocked and tried to convince him not to leave them, their eyes are full of tears and overall he have to moves on.

Every one use their tricky mind and starts gossiping about it, Rohan Mehra said that it may be a part of a task or something, overall Bigg Boss know the reason behind this. After Manu leaves the house, Bigg Boss ordered the Mona Lisa and Manveer to pack his bags, and there are certain circumstances due to which he had to leave the house. As the Bigg Boss playing with all the contestants as puppets hence he will decide everything, and will maintained the entertainment, twist, suspense throughout the whole episode. Rahul Dev tries to pacify the Mona Lisa as she was quite shocked with the incident.

After few hours Dibang told to everyone about the fact behind the Manu’s sudden exit from the Bigg Boss. According to him there is a sad demise of his mother due to which he has to leave the Bigg Boss House.

Till late night there were several discussions about the Manu’s exit and after all this time passes and a new sun arises with a morning song in Bigg Boss house,. The lyrics of the song are Sir Jo tera chakraye…….. and every one wake up and starts dancing as usual. But today as Manu was not there hence there is no enthusiasm shown by the Mona Lisa, she reacted so casual and had some casual talks with Manveer regarding Manu up to till 11 in the morning approximately.

There is a small cat fight between Priyanka Jagga and Mona Lisa in which Mona Lisa commented her that there is no need to put efforts to break her friendship with Manu, but Priyanka Jagga replied to her by saying that she is a part of that group before even Mona Lisa was not a part of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss gathered everyone in the living area for the nominations of this week, Priyanka refused to come but Nitibha, Bani and Manveer convinced her to be a part of that. Bigg Boss called the Priyanka to be in confession room, but there also she refused to obey the rules lastly she refused to follow the instructions of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss then calls Mona Lisa to the confession room and asks her to nominate two peoples for this Week’s elimination. The nominations for this week’s elimination round are Sahil Anand, Priyanka Jagga, Lopamudra Rout, Bani J, and Manveer Gujjar.

Stay tuned with us to get the more details and update regarding the Bigg Boss 10, as a host Salman Khan entertaining the audience very well and popularity is increasing day by day.

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