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Big Boss 10, 6 December: argument between Bani and Priyanka, mess between Om Swami Ji and Manveer

I again with some crisps and twists of Bigg Boss 10 last episode, the day 61 starts with a fizz song, every one reacted to it as usual and starts enjoying and dancing on it. Lopa hugs Gaurav as she was happy to become a captain and Manveer tells Manu that if he snatched the ring then she might get hurt and on other hand Mona narrates to Swami Ji that how Lopamudra snatched the ring from Manveer, and Swami Ji again frightened that she will again put him into the jail. Swami Ji addressed Manveer as ‘kamjor’ instead of ‘Bahubali’ and Manveer reacted to Swami ji that he don’t want any fight in morning. Swami Ji told to Bani that he must fight with her if she can do why he didn’t do that. Bani told that she had long nails and she got hurt same as Manveer said I also had arguments with her butt she started to snatch that and he don’t want to do so, he also said that he wants to carry good relations to home from the Bigg Boss house.

Bani told to Gaurav that she wants to leave the house, Gaurav replied to her that he can’t be there if she did so, Bani reacted like ‘really’ again she repeated it. Bani asked Gaurav that if you think so than why you nominated me and now i just waiting for Salman’s response only and said she will wear black for him and Gaurav starts Laughing.

Bigg Boss asked Lopa to choose 5 contestants those whom are faulty and must give appropriate reasons to punish.  She takes First Name of Swami Ji by saying that due him they lose their Luxury Budget, Second name she took Priyanka as she made the task tough for her and annoys her in between and also said she had a rude behaviour too, third name she took was Gaurav as he made her points to be caught in the task that’s the reason behind to put him into the jail, the fourth name she took was Bani as her behaviour after losing the task was disappointing and humiliating, the fifth name she took was Niti and according to Lopa she had the capacity to handle the punishment and she also understands her situation. Everyone the reacted to her decisions but Boss is always right as a result everyone have to follow it.

A twist come in Bigg Boss after this activity of punishment, Priyanka told Bani that Lopa is taking revenge and she will go for a tit for tat when she got the command in her hand, Bani also replied to her that they will surely do that. Priyanka passed a comment on Lopa that ‘makeup ki dukaan, meethe pakwaan’ as a result of it Rahul reacted like that don’t say like this about her, even Salman said she looks beautiful without make up. Everyone in house tried to annoys Lopa but she finally enjoys her captaincy and takes the revenge with genuine reasons.

Manveer said Priyanka not to pass such comments, she told him that when she said that I have personality disorders that time he didn’t took the stand so now need not to stop her.

Bigg Boss announced in the house that the punishment can be turned into reward, 5 cylinders are there in garden and when the cylinder blasts a gift will pop up and you have to grab that. It starts with Niti and she grabbed the gift which was her mother’s hand written letter to her. She thanked to Bigg Boss for that as that was her mother’s birthday that day. Gaurav’s cylinder blasts and he got a chance to go on a date with any of the female contestant and he chooses Bani for that. Bani and Swami Ji lose their chance and can’t grab their gifts due to some reasons. Many consequences come and go and Lopa feels unwell will all such comments and pranks cracked on her as she was the captain she cried out in front of Rahul that she can’t do all this anymore, but he said that everyone jealous from her and she is doing best as a captain.

Bigg Boss announced that Priyanka, Bani and Swami were released from their punishment so let them out Lopa released them and welcome back them to be in house again.

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