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10 Big Updates behind the Ban on 1000/500 notes, by Modi’s Government

It will be written in golden words in Indian History that how an unbeatable mystery of black money/corruption/funds to terrorist has been resolved by a strong decision of our current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Singh Modi. The decision was a completely well planned, and need to be taken to overcome the threat of terrorism/terrorism/corruption /black money and many other social crimes. As per the announcement there are 10 Big facts which are discussed below regarding the ban on 1000/500 notes.

Rs 500-2000

Read out all the facts to easily understand and handle the situations smartly.

  1. You can easily transact the money via cheque, pay you, demand drafts, debit cards, credit cards, NEFT and many other electronic funds transfer modes.
  2. ATMs will not function for the upcoming two days, later they will be opened for the public and you can withdrawal only a amount of 2,500 maximum at a time.
  3. Banned currency will be acceptable by the Petrol pump outlets till the mid night of 24 November, for records each transaction of note will be registered.
  4. The Designated fuel stations will also receives the banned currency of 500 notes and 1000 notes till 24 November.
  5. Tickets booked at Airlines/Railway stations with 500/1000 notes will not face any problems as there are already arrangements done to overcome the situation.
  6. The banned currency of 500 notes and 1,000 notes are acceptable at all the medical stores/private hospitals/government hospitals till November 24.
  7. To exchange your currency you must go to the nearby branch/post office/private banks/co-operative banks/ state bank etc. 4,500 rupees can be exchange with old notes per day till 31st
  8. Limit of cash withdrawal is 10,000 per day and 24,000 per week till the conditions become normal. The limits of withdrawal will be increased as the situations come under control.
  9. A perfect arrangement has been made by the RBI to exchange your old currency till the date of 31 March 2017. To exchange your currency you must go to the bank with an ID proof or a written application.
  10. Peoples can exchange their large amount of old currencies i.e. 1000/500 notes to their nearby bank or branch office till the 31 December. The banks will helped you out in your efforts.
  11. Didn’t keep others money in your account as it is a crime and you can be punished for this criminal offence.


All the above 10 big updates will helped out to the public to deal with the situation smartly. A humble request to the public to coordinate with the government and have patience till the situations comes under control.

As we all know that the work load on bank employees become excessive so coordinate with them, try to avoid any kind of misbehave /any other activity, overall they are human beings not the machines.

We requested to everyone in our country to stand with the government, appreciate them and encourage them by making peace in our country.

We are Attaching the Scanned Copy of the Money Exchange Form, Please Download it and make a Printout and fill it Up, while Money change you need this form so better fill it at your home and carry it with you while Going to Bank for Money Exchange.


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