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Top 6 Best Refrigerator to Buy Under Rs. 30,000 in India

Refrigerator has been a very common kitchen appliance being sold in the Indian market today. Most of the Indian households even have their own refrigerator. But for those who are still thinking of buying one, you should be careful enough in doing your shopping. Keep in mind that not all of the refrigerators available nowadays are durable enough. In case you only have a budget of lesser than Rs. 30,000, then here are the top 6 best refrigerator to buy under Rs. 30,000 in India that you should take into account:

1. LG GL-D292JGFL 258 Litres Double Door Refrigerator:

LG GL-D292JGFL 258 Litres

What made this model of refrigerator from LG a worth buying one is the 10-year warranty offer of the manufacturer. It also uses a Smart Inverter Technology on its compressor, so you can be sure that it can function to its maximum level. What is even the best about it is that it is equipped with a Smart Diagnosis System that helps a lot in identifying possible issues in the refrigerator itself. You can buy it for a price of Rs. 26,500.

2. Whirlpool FP 283D Royal Protton 260 Litre Triple Door Refrigerator:


This frost-free type of a refrigerator is know for its 3 parts of storage spaces where you can place your food items for freezing and cooling purposes. Because of this, this is perfect for all those homeowners who want to store more food stocks for their daily consumption in the family. It is packed with so much amazing features like MicroBlack that helps in the prevention of microbial growth, making the food items inside always healthy and safe to eat. It is currently offered for a price of Rs. 28,080.

3. Haier HRB-3403BS 320 Litres 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator:

Haier HRB-3403BS 320 Litres

This high performance refrigerator is very unique when it comes to its structure since it is 25 percent freezer and 75 percent fridge. It is built with 1 HIT or 1 Hour Icing Technology, making you to make ice in a faster rate. This can also make you feel assured that the food items you refrigerate will be preserved right away, so there is no time for spoilage-causing factors from messing up. Moreover, it has a Full DC Inverter Compressor that makes it very energy-efficient refrigerator. It’s being sold in the Indian market for Rs. 27,199.

4. Samsung RT27JAMSERZ/TL 253 Litres Double Door Refrigerator:

Samsung RT27JAMSERZ/TL 253 Litres

This best buy refrigerator from Samsung is intentionally manufactured with several advanced features that will surely entice possible buyers. Its metallic finish handle is stylish enough to complement to the sophisticated interiors of your house. Securing a stabilizer for this refrigerator to stably operate is no longer necessary since it can still be highly functional even in higher fluctuation of voltage. It can be bought for a price of Rs. 27,620.

5. Godrej 340L RT EON 343 P 3.3 Frost Free Refrigerator:

Godrej 340L RT EON 343 P 3.3

You can purchase this high performance refrigerator in the Indian market today for around Rs. 29,410. What made this refrigerator the best is the 10-year warranty of its compressor offered by its manufacturer, of course. Inside the freezer of this highly preferred kitchen appliance are hooks where you can hang the poly bags of food items that you want to refrigerate.

6. Hitachi RT 310END 1K PBK 289 Litres Double Door Refrigerator:

Hitachi RT 310END 1K PBK 289 Litres

This double door type of a refrigerator is the best buy due to its incredible advanced features. It has Eco Thermo Sensor, Nano Titanium Technology, Air Jet Flow, Special Chilling Compartments, and Large Bottle Shelf that is also built along with Spill Guard. If you want to own it, you need to prepare Rs. 29,000.

These are the top 6 best refrigerator to buy under Rs. 30,000 in India. Investing on these kitchen appliances will never give you some regrets in the end.

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