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Top 10 Best Popular Sunglasses Brands For Men And Women In India

Sunglasses are usually worn to look stylish and protect the eyes. Most sunglasses do not have the protective properties that keep the eyes safe from the UV rays of the sun. Stepping out in the heat without sunglasses can cause severe headache and can cause several health issues as well. If you are looking to invest in a good pair of sunglasses, here are ten brands that you should consider investing in. They not only look stylish, they also keep the eyes safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

Top 10 Best Popular Sunglasses Brands For Men And Women

10. Vogue

Vogue is one of the leading sunglasses brands in India. The brand is best known to deliver oversized sunglasses that are trendy. While Vogue is a little high on price, a large number of people prefer this brand since they have an amazing collection to choose from. Vogue keeps coming up with new patterns and designs that continue to impress people all over India. They have perfect sunglasses for casual as well as formal wear. One of the best things about Vogue is that they provide eye protection through the polarized lenses that they use. This is one of the most stylish brands that you can pick.

9. Velocity

Velocity is one of the most popular brands of sunglasses available in India. It has gained popularity due to its style and color shades that are available. Velocity sunglasses are also known to protect the eyes from the UV rays and these sunglasses also come with an interchangeable lens method that is rare in other brands of sunglasses. This brand is affordable and stylish and is easily available in various stores as well as online.

8. Joe Black

Joe Black is one of the leading sunglasses brands in India that tops sales when it comes to the online market. This brand has some amazing sunglasses for men and women of all age groups. The best part about Joe Black is that the brand is quite affordable. People who like to experiment with their style can always choose to invest in more than one pair of these sunglasses. They are very trendy and come in a wide range of colors and patterns for you to pick.

7. Gucci

Gucci is a leading brand in apparel all over the world. The brand is best known for its sunglasses which are considered to be the best in the market. Gucci is an expensive brand, but investing in a pair of Gucci sunglasses means never having to bother about buying a new pair for a very long time. Gucci is reliable, long lasting and the designs that it comes up with stays in fashion for a long time. A Gucci is a style statement and owning a pair of these sunglasses is something that you will take pride in.

6. Polaroid

Polaroid sunglasses offer everything that one needs from sunglasses. Polaroid sunglasses are known to use the latest thermo fusion technology that helps enhance the clarity and makes the vision better. Polaroid sunglasses also protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. These sunglasses offer style and a wide color range that is difficult to find with other top sunglass brands. Polaroid sunglasses are affordable and offer excellent protection for the eyes.

5. Prada

Prada is another popular brand that has been around for a long time. This is a premium brand that is well known all over the world. The sunglasses Prada has to offer are expensive, but apart from style it also adds to the value of the person wearing it. Investing in a Prada is something every person working in a reputed organization should consider doing at some point in life. The sunglasses last for a long time and are very comfortable to wear. They add to your personality and remain in style at all times.

4. Idee

Idee sunglasses focus on the youth of India. Their sunglasses are known to be extremely stylish and are available in a wide range of designs and colors. Idee sunglasses are extremely lightweight and have a sleek design. They focus more on style and fashion and are extremely affordable. Idee sunglasses are available in many colors that are suited for different personalities.

3. Oakley

Oakley is a great brand to pick when it comes to sunglasses in India. The brand creates some very interesting designs for men and women all over the globe and apart from being well known for their casual collection; Oakley also has a large choice of sunglasses for formals too. They focus on simple and elegant patterns for people who don’t like chunky eyewear. The brand is highly reliable and the lenses they use are UV safe.

2. Fastrack

Fastrack sunglasses have been a hugely popular choice among the youth of India for years now. The popularity of Fastrack sunglasses is owing to the affordable range and style that is offered by this brand. This brand is ideal for people who love changing their sunglasses frequently. Since Fastrack is so affordable, spending on a new pair every month is extremely feasible.

1. Ray Ban

Ray Ban is the leading brand when it comes to sunglasses all over the world. When it comes to the perfect pair of frames, nothing beats a Ray Ban. This brand has been around for a very long time and all other brands get inspiration for their designs from Ray Ban. When it comes to UV protection, superior lens quality and durability, nothing can compare to a Ray Ban.

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