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10 Things to do during Rainy Season

Rains are a great escape from scorching heat and high temperatures. Everyone loves rain and the cool breeze and splashing water it brings along with it. It brings smiles and cheers for kids who like to go out and play. It also kindles romance and is enjoyed by couples as well. There are many things one can look forward to during a rainy day, let’s look at the best things that can be done.


  1. Take a Rain shower

Well the first thing that you should do is go out there and get drenched in the nature’s water. The purity and coolness of the water will make you forget all the stress and will make you feel calm and relaxed.

Rain rain go away come again another day, is a way too far type of rhyme. Nowadays people not only enjoy but live the each drop of rain.

  1. Enjoy the Music

Rainy season evokes romance and emotions that are hard to resist. For music lovers and couples, it’s the best time to get high on some of the top chartbusters and even go out and dance.

  1. Host a ‘Tea’ Party

Get yourself something hot to drink in the cold weather. You can choose to sit along with your mate and have a chat about various topics along with tea/coffee and some cookies.

Hosting is the trending past time nowadays.

  1. Become a MasterChef

Bring out the chef inside you and cook some delicious and hot recipes. It’s a great way to have fun as well. You can choose to cook from any of your trademark recipe or try something new.

  1. Wash your Car

If you haven’t washed your car for some time now, then this is your day. Rains will help you wash your car in an easy and eco-friendly manner.

It us tiresome but is filled with fun and joy. Give it a try.

  1. Get Creative

Rains get your creative genes activated. A rainy day is a perfect time to bring out the artist in you and do something creative. Draw, Scribble, Paint or Play, get the best out of you.

  1. Get a Hot Bath

Hot tub bath is a joyful experience during cold weathers. The soothing hot water will relieve you of any pain or stress and will make you feel light and energetic.

  1. Play Indoors

You can have a game of cards or arrange an indoor treasure hunt for kids. This will get the whole family engaging and will be a lot of fun too.

Indoor play is all what you can do if you are lazy enough to go outside during rains.

  1. Sleep your day through

For sleep lovers, rainy season is all about getting lazy. You can sleep through the afternoons or choose to just lie down and enjoy the pleasant nature.

  1. Movie Marathon

Catch up with the latest movies you might have missed due to your busy schedule. Watch your favorite artists and movies on the big screen along with some popcorn and drinks.

Every person has his own liking and is free to do whatever he feels good. This list is made by keeping General society in mind. The key idea while preparing this list is to address each and every part of a normal Indian. Life is all to play and survive the challenges. There is nothing good in stopping by. You can chose to win or face the defeat. It is all how you take it. Serious approach towards fun and recreation is very crucial for all of us.

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