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Top 10 Food items to Eat During Rainy Season

Eating hot food items during the rainy season is an enjoyable experience. People love to stop by small stalls and shops and eat hot dishes that bring warmth to them in the cold weather.

Here’s a list of must have food items during Rains:


  1. Tea

You can always see crowd gathered around a tea stall during the rainy season. It’s a treat to have hot tea with friends and family at a small stall or at home while talking about silly and fun topics.

Have a sip and make your soul refreshing.

  1. Pakodas and Bhajia

Hot and spicy pakodas and bhajias are irresistible offerings during the monsoons. Bread pakoda, besan ke pakode or any other stuffed pakoda are tastiest delights, especially if served along with garam chai (tea).

Pakodas can literally lure your stomach. Do not let anyone grab your share of pakodas. Bang on.

  1. Hot Soup

Hot tomato soup or the manchow soup are not just tasty but are also a good and healthy option, if you catch up cold during the rainy season. Kids love soups as it gives warmth to their body and fulfills their snacks quota as well.

Hot soup will definitely elevate your mind and distress your soul. Make it a full bowl.

  1. Corn

One of the most sought after food item during the rains is the corn. The hotness of the corn along with the lemon and spices makes it an amazing food item to eat during the monsoons. Soups, chat and many other variety dishes can also be prepared using the corn as an ingredient.

Corn should be made part and parcel of your daily meals. They are very nutritious too.

  1. Litchi

Litchi is a monsoon favorite fruit. It is rich in Vitamin C, which increases our immunity against diseases and helps us to stay fit and healthy. Litchi is rich in anti-oxidants, which is very useful for weight loss.

Juicy litchis are certainly the best toe at during heavy rain falls.

  1. Samosa and Kachori

The samosa and chutney combination can make any one fall for it. It is perhaps the most loved eating combination irrespective of time and place. We all love eating samosa and kachori, especially during the rainy season.

Living in north India and missing samosa kachori, is just impossible. Bang on them. They have no alternative.

  1. Noodles

Kids and teens equally love eating Chinese dishes, particularly the Noodles and Gobi Manchurian. This along with ketchup and chilly sauce make up a great combo dish and must have for Chinese food lovers.

Yummuy !! No more description required.

  1. Idly Sambhar

The hot steamy idlies along with chutney and sambhar make up for an incredible tasty dish. It is a popular dish in South India, but it is eaten with great panache across the whole country.

South Indian and never tried idly sambhar, simply unthinkable.

  1. Cherry

Cherry is another fruit that is found in plenty during the monsoon season. It also has good nutritional values and helps our bodies to fight against infections. It is good for relaxing the brain.

Cherish the rainy season, with cherry.

  1. Chat Items

Be it any season, people don’t hesitate to eat chat items. Pani puri, tikki, sandwich or any other item, people just love eating these dishes. They add the spice element to the romantic and serene weather conditions.

Chat pappdi is just a thing you cannot miss. Go for it.

The above mentioned things are surely once for a try. You must try them according to your needs and taste.

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