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Top 6 Best Refrigerator to Buy Under Rs. 25,000 in India

Investing on home appliances is certainly something that must be thought many times before giving it a shot. This is in order to avoid regrets in the end. In India, one of the most sought after kitchen appliances is the refrigerator. There are many reliable refrigerator makers in the country, but the main issue here is the price of course. In relation to this, here are the top 6 best refrigerator to buy under Rs. 25,000 in India:

Whirlpool FP 263D PROTTON ROYAL 240L

1. Whirlpool FP 263D PROTTON ROYAL 240L Triple Door Refrigerator:

This is considered to be the best seller of the Whirlpool company in India when it comes to refrigerator. It has a Fresh Keeper feature that helps a lot in keeping the higher level of freshness of your food items inside the refrigerator like vegetables and fruits. It also has an advanced air-booster system that helps in controlling the cold air circulation inside the refrigerator. It can be purchased for a price of Rs. 23,990.

2. Samsung RT27JARMAVL 253 Litres Double Door Refrigerator

A lot of Indian homeowners prefer buying this model of refrigerator from Samsung because of its Digital Inverter Technology compressor. Meaning to say, its compressor is made to be very advanced and highly functional. Its speed is made to be automatic in adjusting, so that the cooling demand of the food items inside it can be met. It is also known for its energy-saving capacity. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill every month. It is currently offered in a price of Rs. 22,400.

3. LG GL-I292RPZL 260 Litre Double Door Refrigerator

This model of refrigerator from LG company is a very advanced kitchen appliance. It is made with an LG Exclusive Smart Connect, allowing it to be connected to home inverter during power cuts consuming only a lesser amount of power. It is also one of those refrigerators in India that is manufactured to be an Eco-friendly one through the utilization of environment-friendly materials. This high-performance refrigerator is currently priced around Rs. 24,690.

4. Godrej RT EON 260 P 3.3 260 Litres Double Door Refrigerator:

This is another the best refrigerator available in India that is only offered for a price of Rs. 22,388. What made this kitchen appliance really the best buy is the 10-year warranty of its compressor. This is also 100 percent free from HFC, HCFC, and CFC, making it to be very environment-friendly. Because of this, there is no need for you to worry of anything when using this refrigerator at home. Some other amazing features it offers are Toughened Glass Shelves that can stand up to 150 kilograms of food items, Humidity Controller that controls the moisture on the vegetables and fruits, and the Honey Comb Crisper Cover.

5. Panasonic NR-B255STW4 Refrigerator:

This refrigerator from Panasonic is packed with amazing, advanced features. It has AG clean that assures to kill bacteria through its non stop air purification. Moreover, there is no way this refrigerator will give you annoying odors the moment you open its door since it has Fresh Lock Technology. This feature helps in eliminating bad odor through its odor-absorbing molecules. If you want to buy it, you should prepare Rs. 21,912.

6. Haier HRF 2903 CRC 270 Litres Double Door Refrigerator:

This excellent, double door refrigerator is made with 3 shelves inside, so you can surely store more vegetables, fruits and any other food items you want to refrigerate. Moreover, it has vegetable crispers, chiller compartment, and 4 door balconies. It has a frost-free defrosting system, and it is being rated with 4 out of 5 by the previous customers. This goes to show that it is the best buy for you. It can be bought around Rs. 24,699.

These are the top 6 best refrigerator to buy under Rs. 25,000 in India. Your money can never be wasted with these kitchen appliances.

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