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Yamaha VMax H : It is a New Beast

So here we know YAMAHA has turned a trusted marketing industry of two wheelers and these days its value and goodwill are increased due to its growing market sale.So here it tends to introduce its new and fascinating creation. Here this time YAMAHA guarantees you trust of the firm an introduction of their first ever ONLY sports cruiser motorcycle.
Yamaha VMax H


Look wise its body finish and body structure is seamless and admirable. It has a royal and manly bold look. Also that’s for sure. That it would be loved by everyone as it already has marked its journey through overloading bookings. As well as it has a very competitive price i.e. Rs.25, 65,423. Basically this flawless bike model was been created in 2008 and it was redesigned in 2009.
In India it’s been admired a lot but the price sometimes tends to be an issue on part to buy such a luxurious vehicle. But moreover its results have shown that it has worked out in many parts of India as because of its remarkable charm.

Presently it’s one of the most attractive motorbikes present in India as per the research and reviews. Its overall look depicts muscular structure that brings out a ‘not-so-aggressive’ stance. The VMax comes with latest electronic engine management technologies that offer very good riding experience.

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This spark is powered by 1679 cc V4 liquid-cooled engine that produces 200 bhp at a rate of 9,000rpm and maximum torque of 167 Nm at a rate of 6,500rpm. Its engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox with one-down four up gear-shift pattern and is wrapped around aluminum frame. The bike features a slipper clutch, wave-style brake discs, ABS, and complete suspension adjustability front and rear. Overall giving it a dynamic look.

In India it’s only available in BLACK giving the black lovers a great hit. As this black beauty gives a weight to their status. Best part is that this time YAMAHA has took a challenge to show their believers and rivals a shock on the part that it’s competing with the Ducati Diavel. Who! Really does have a great look but is priced almost expensive by Rs. 10 lakh more to the YAMAHA price.

People coined this bike most comfortable, as well as attractive at the same time. They states it the most amazing sports bike they ever drove. Also considered it to be an efficient machine. VMAX probably provides a consumer with maximum satisfaction.


Yamaha is one such company in India which produces improved and modified versions of bikes at a regular flow. This increases the reputation and brand value of this company in India. Thus it can be concluded that Yamaha Vmax H is a powerful vehicle worth consideration for the modern day speed freak individual. If you are looking for a bike with a unique style range, a powerful yet boasting performance and last but not least a guaranteed smooth ride, then Yamaha Vmax H is an optimal and simply the best choice for you. It will enhance your style and automobile sense in the so called trendy society of today. Follow your heart and go for it. It is one of the best bikes from the house of Yamaha at present in the Indian market.  Yamaha owns a huge chunk of market with its astonishing and sleek bikes.  This is one of the best in the list. It is always advised to wear safety gears before riding bikes. Wear all safety gears before riding.

Have a great and safe riding experience.

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