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Honda Aviator: A Scooter that Lets You Live Your Style!

The Honda Aviator continues to make heads turn.

The Honda Aviator, Honda’s third foray into the scooter segment, is set to change the way scooters are viewed in India. The bike’s build quality is good, and it looks strong and sophisticated.


The Look:

One would have expected Honda Aviator to be on the same lines in looks with Honda’s Dio or Activa, but what is pleasantly surprising is that its design is a total departure from them. The bold and futuristic appearance, coupled with mHonda Aviatorost pleasing aesthetics is clearly targeted at youngsters wanting to make a style statement. Its distinctly masculine edge, with smart metal paneling and wrap-around turning indicators at the rear, rigid under-bone chassis and its lighter weight of 103kg, makes it a truly must-possess bike.

The Console:

Despite the lack of digital display, the scooter possesses an analogue speedometer, fuel gauge, oil and battery indicators that are so clear and easy to read that they can all be read at a glance.A big multi-focal headlamp with a 35-watt halogen lamp not only looks pretty, but is powerful too.

The Performance:

Powered by a 109cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled OHC Dream Mileage engine, it delivers a maximum power of 8 BHP at 8000 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.74 nm at 5500 rpm. Coupled with V-matic transmission, this scooter is above average in terms of power, giving an excellent acceleration from 0 to 60kmph in just 9.95 seconds.

The Ride:

The scooter is ideal for city driving, as it handles well while moving in and out of traffic. With its good pick-up and more refined mill, the scooter offers a better ride with significantly less noise. Its wide tyres also contribute to its stability, especially while cutting corners.

The Consumption:

This scooter gives 66 kmpl on city roads and more on highways.

The Comfort and Safety:

The scooter remains a comfortable ride on the road. The upright KVTA seat that is longer, wider and more spaciousfor both the driver and the pillion rider, minimises fatigue, even when riding for long periods of time. Not only this, the footrests and pegs also add to the comfort of riding.The patented Honda tuff-up tubes ensure 70 per cent less chances of tyre puncture. The front telescopic suspension and swing suspension with spring-loaded hydraulic dampers at the rear provides stability. The brakes of this scooter, comprising front 130mm drum or 190mm disc brakes and a rear 130mm drum brake feel balanced and responsive, even while traveling at high speeds or heavily loaded.

The Colours:

The scooter is available in four attractive shades: Royal Gold, Black, White and Red.

The Cost:

The scooter with electric start and drum brakes is priced at Rs.54,725

The Verdict:

That Honda Aviator has carveda niche of its own in the market is without an iota of doubt, what with its distinctive style, good performance, a comfortable ride, and ample storage space. It is worth a serious consideration for scooter buyers. It has excess of everything, be it power, performance, pick up, mileage, looks or last but not least durability. It comes from a great automobile house, which is trusted in India. Honda has gained name and fame in India by producing quality vehicles in India. Honda offers great after sales support. So you need not to worry about service and support. Just follow your heart and go for it. It is the best. It is the beast. What you need, it delivers. Go for it. Have a safe and wonderful riding experience.

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