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Honda 1000 CBR Fireblade SP: Exhilarating Super Sport Ride!

Honda 1000 CBR Fireblade SP is a light and powerful speed monster.

Re-engineered for the racetrack, the new CBR1000RR Fireblade SP has become one of the most desirable bikes in its category. With its drop-dead looks it attracts speed bikers like moths to flame!

Honda 1000 CBR Fireblade SP

The Look:

Its look is simply fabulous. Extremely well built with an almost faultless reliability record, the Blade is the racers dream bike. Perfectly aerodynamic, it is designed to slice the air, while it burns the track with insane speed. The Öhlins front and rear suspension, Brembo mono-block front brakes, a single seat unit and unique Tricolour livery makes it an exclusive machine designed solely for cutting lap times. Refreshingly, this bike lacks all the technological distractions that are seen in most super bikes. Simply adjust the levers and mirrors, and zoom off without bothering to check or change power modes, TC, launch control or other settings.

The Console:

The elongated digital instrument console is clear and easily readable. The gear-position indicator at the bottom left is modern and free of cluttering of R1s, RSVs, Panigale’s and the like.

The Performance:

The 999cc inline-4 mill powering the bike is virtually vibe-free. And you have to experience to believe the beautiful smoothness of the SP’s blueprinted motor. The Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC Inline-4engine give a power-packed performance.It provides max power output of 133kW/12 at 250rpm and maximum torque of 114Nm at 10,500rpm.

The Ride:

Fireblade offers a riding experience that can best be defined as pure.Little wonder you feel confident not only while zooming on the straight, but also when you are at full lean. It has a new suspension, effective brakes, rough-n-tough tyres and a bigger screen to hide behind when rushing down the straights. With its improved handling, braking performance and grip, the SP provides a faster-lapping and is easier to handle on the track. Throttle manipulation is also pretty good and abrupt that is sometimes associated with fuel-injected bikes.

The Consumption:

This guzzler of a Super bike gives a mileage of around 16kmpl.

The Comfort and Safety:

For any sport bike, it is not only its racing prowess, but stopping power too that is important. Blade in this aspect does not disappoint. Its brakes are radial-mount, monoblocBrembo M4s that provide superb stopping power making it absolutely safe. The seating position is modified by moving the footpegs 10mm rearward, and the clip-ons angled five degrees lower and spread out five degrees more for a comfortable body posture. The seat is a little firmer and makes balancing easier.

The Colours:

The body, painted in three colours – red, orange and white with Repsol logo on the fuel tank, makes it stand out amongst its racing rivals.

The Cost:

Bike with electric start and disc brakes is priced at Rs.17,13,678

The Verdict:

This is the bike that is designed to win. You will need to feel its power to experience the sheer joy of racing. Honda is known for producing quality and economical bikes in India. Honda is proudly serving millions of its customers in India with almost full satisfaction in terms of performance, riding experience and last but not least durability of its bikes. Go for this bike with all your confidence. It is surely the best one by Honda. Go for it.

If you really want to experience the speed and thrill on roads, then no one can take its place. A beautiful ride with a masculine speed is guaranteed. Its amazing innovation have always been a hit as well as a spark to the interest of the mankind.

Have a safe riding experience.

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