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Top ten amazing perfumes for teens in 2016

Teenage is the age of enjoying every moment of life. A life free of burdens and worries and a life full of enthusiasm. Perfume is really liked by teens as their age is full of scent and fragrance. They need a perfume which lasts for the whole day as they want to look fresh, cool and full of fragrance all the day. So best perfume for them are only present in the top ten list of perfumes for teens. They are the one live with time and want to live with every upcoming trend. So the best perfumes for teens in 2016 are following.

10. Miss Dior Cherie

This is the amazing perfume for teens and also famous among them. This will really work out for them in 2016 also. This has the scent which best suits the youth. It has the aroma of chic, green tangerine, violate, and pink jasmine which is mixed with the musk, patchouli, strawberry leaves and above all caramel popcorns. All the favorite of teens and it will be inn in 2016.

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9. Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

This scent attracts younger boys towards it. Best aroma it has. It has the aroma of orange, lemon, fir, cardamom and petit grain which is best for teens to throw in bag and use it? It will last for the whole day. It shows men power and masculinity through its cover picture.

8. Gwen Stefani

It is an Amazing perfume best for the teenage girls. It has soft and delicate smell. It has all the lovely notes of jasmine, rose, peach, vanilla, ylang ylang and Egyptian jasmine. Wow that much quality of aroma in one perfume so teens grasp your bottle now as it will really work for you in 2016.

7. Guess Seductive for Men

This is best for the school and college teens. It will really good for them to use. The confident boys can use it because it smells sexy. Very soft and sweet odor it has. This is perfect to use in winter.

6. Abercrombie & Fitch

This one is for those who likes soft and delicate aroma because it has soft, sweet, natural and the pretty aroma. This is perfect for teens to use day and night both. It is like an Innocent perfume for innocent teens.

5. Cool water

This is as cool as ocean. The blue color is really cool. So it is best to use in summer because of its cool smell and blue color. This is best for the ages 15-25. So teens get your cool scent today as it will work for you in summers 2016.

4. Christian Dior: –

Best perfume which really understand body chemistry. It is best for the teenager and women both. This is fantastic one. It has the scent of violets, mandarin, patchouli and musk. It has all the qualities loved by teenage girls.

3. Adidas

This scent has light and soft smell. It has the smell of floral wood but smell of wood is dominated. It is good for the young ones who loves sports. It lasts for 3 hours approximately. So sports boys pick your adidas now in 2016.

2. Juicy Couture

This is the light one so best for school girls because light smell is best for teens of school as it best suits their age. It has the smell of wild berries, mandarin, and jasmine, honeysuckle and caramel woods. Best flowery odor it has.

1. D & G light blue

Top ten amazing perfumes for teens best in 2016

This is the best one for teenagers. D & G light blue has light and soft smell. It has fascinating odor. It has the exotic aroma of jasmine, bamboo and Granny smith apples. You will really attract you fellows while wearing this perfume. So carry out it in your bag and feel fresh and amazing at your school and college.

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