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Top ten all occasions best perfume for women in 2016

Perfume is weakness of women. Most of the women in world love to wear perfumes with sweet and appealing fragrance. Women love to wear different perfume for different occasions. Perfumes fragrance indicates the inner confidence and also superfluity. So it is very difficult for women to leave their house without spritz of her favorite perfume according to occasion. But in today’s world where inflation is big issue the price matter a lot. So the best way is to choose the perfume which is best for all occasions. So here is the list of top ten perfumes which are best for the women to wear for all occasions.

  1. Hilfiger

Top ten all occasions best perfume for women

This perfume is released from tommy Hilfiger. This is made from aromatic flowers and spicy notes. This pink perfume is for the noble cause and it also clarifies and shows that. The pink color and the bow over the neck of the bottle is to show unity with the patients of breast cancer. Some portion of the amount received by this send as a charity to the patients of breast cancer.


  1. Byredo

This perfume is the expensive one. This perfume is the Swedish brand. It has amazing south Asian aroma. This perfume can be used on all occasions by women.

  1. Chanel no 5

This perfume fame has no time limit. It was introduced in 1921 but still famous today. This is the perfume with most of the qualities which is liked by women and it can be used for all the occasions. From 1921 till now it is as famous as it was at that time. It has the qualities of rose, lily, iris and jasmine.

  1. Gucci by Gucci

This is especially for women. It has most gorgeous and exotic fragrance. Amazing aroma of floral and guava. This is best to use in the evening times. This perfume is also best for all occasions for women.

  1. Euphoria EDP for women from Ck

It was launched in 2005. The perfume with majestic aroma. It has very distinct fragrance due to various chemicals used in it. This is still famous from 2005 till now because of the different innovation in it. The innovations in its fragrance are aroma of wood, lotus, black orchid and amber.  So this is in the top ten list of perfumes best for all occasions.


  1. Kate Moss Lila belle

This is the new perfume in the market but it is best for women to wear in all occasions. This perfume has amazing soft and light fragrance. This is the style statement of Kate Moss. It has aroma of vanilla, roses and citrus fruits.

  1. Shi from Alfred Sung

This perfume will be best suit for romantic night but can be used for all occasions. In the year 2013 Alfred Sung celebrates its 27th anniversary. So the best from them is always produced. So use their perfume without hesitation because they bring best to its customers.

  1. Attraction:

Its name speaks louder than its fragrance. Yes it really works, it attracts the people around you. If you wear attraction then even in the huge crowd of people you will be distinct because of its attractive aroma. Best to use for every occasion.

  1. “Can Can” from Paris Hilton

No need to through light on the brand Paris Hilton because it is very famous brand. And the perfume from them is can can. Its floral fruity scent. So best to wear whenever and wherever you want.

  1. Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker

 best perfume for women

This is the best one among all the perfumes and also it is under the budget. You will love yourself when wearing this one. This is rich with the fragrance of orchid, mandarin, lavender and bergamot. This is on the top of our list of top ten that is why it is demanded by most of women around the world.

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