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Top 5 Yamaha Bikes in India 2016

The word Yamaha spells of masculinity and macho-ism. Most of the teenagers wants to grow up to own a Yamaha of his own. India has been quite impressed on almost every make of Yamaha that has been launched in the market. Many a motorbikes have come and gone from the market without leaving much mark, but the Yamaha is here to stay. A Yamaha is a trusted bike since long more because of it’s intelligent engineering, durability and constant innovation to beat competition. Here is a list of top 5 Yamaha bikes, which have received overwhelming response in this part of the world.

  1. Yamaha FZ1:

Yamaha FZ1

This stylish Macho  bike available in India has quite a few admirers as well as takers for it’s sheer mechanics. This 998cc engine offers a mileage of only 20kmpl. But who is bothered about the mileage when the power is 148bhp@1100rpm and the torque 106bhp@8000rpm. It is as heavy as 214kg with an enviable six gear system. People are amazed at it’s aerodynamics and macho looks. It is priced at Rs.12,73815 on road in Mumbai.

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  1. YZF R3:


This 321cc piece of sheer engineering gives a mileage of 22kmpl with a power of 42bhp@10750rpm and a torque of 30Nm@9000rpm. With a diamond Chassis and a fuel tank capacity of 14ltrs it is a bike of choice for the buyer who is looking for a superbike with a sporty touch. It is available in two magnificent shades, racing Blue and Lightning Black. The pillion rider on YZF R3 looks very trendy and uber, especially while on a long drive on a highway. It is priced at Rs. 378000 on road in Mumbai.

  1. Yamaha YZF R15:

Yamaha YZF R15

This 150cc bike has caused quite a ripple in the Indian market. It offers a power of 17bhp@8500rpm and a torque of 15Nm@7500rpm. This is gained popularity of, the most wanted bike in it’s segment because of it’s mileage of 42kmpl.It is available in 3 different colours, Revving Blue, Sparky Green and Adrenaline Red.This bike has scaled the sales and growth of company to new heights.This bike has successfully evolved as a trendsetter in the market. Youths are very much inspired by this bike. It is no doubt a youth icon in India.It is priced at Rs.1,33,750 on road in Mumbai.

  1. Yamaha FZ:

Best Selling Bikes in India

This 149cc motorbike is the doyen of the biker’s eyes because of a combination of the best on-road performance, moderate pricing and extremely high fuel efficiency of about 45kmpl. Bikers have an option to choose from a palette of five pastel shades including black. A great bike with great features. The optimal looks of bike are simply the best in Industry.It is priced at 97,800 on road in Mumbai.

  1. Yamaha Fazer:


Fazer has a 153cc engine and churns a mileage of 43kmpl with a power of 14bhp@7500rpm and a torque of 14bhp@600rpm. It weighs a moderate141kg with 5 gears and offers 2 rich shades of red, black and white to choose from. If you want a bike with great performance, then this is the right choice for you.It is priced at 93,450 on road in Mumbai.

All the above mentioned bikes have a great tag with them.The bikes above mentioned have a great comfort level with a promising power and performance. The bikes of Yamaha are known for delivering the best, though costs are high but indispensable looks and performance balance the same. These bikes are just buy if you need a great ride with great things. Just go for it. Choose the best.

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