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Top 5 Tips For Maintaining Hair

Our hair increases our beauty and make us look different from others. Maintaining our hair properly will make us shine. To make the hair look silky and shiny, people uses different types of treatments which may harm our hair and so the proper care of hair is really very important. Hair is very delicate and is made of protein and therefore, a healthy diet and good hygiene is also essential to maintain our hair.

Here are Some tips to Make your Hair look Unbelievably Beautiful:

Tips For Maintaining Hair


Our hairs are very balmy and washing them too often can dry our hair and reduces the natural oil content in them. This may damage our hair and make them lose their natural beauty. So, one should not wash their hair daily and must use the shampoo every other day or only twice a week.


Sulfates increases shampoos lather and parabens causes irritation and eye problem after prolonged use. We should use the shampoos which suits are hair:

  • People with curly hair can use frizz-minimizing and softening shampoos.
  • Gentle shampoos for daily wash can be used by people having oily or straight hair.
  • Coloring may damage the hair and so people with colored hair can use shampoos that are fortified with extracts or have amino acids.
  • A shampoo having glycerin and collagen restores moisture into hair which is good for dry hair.


The thumb rule for keeping the hair healthy is conditioning hair with a good conditioner which suits your hair type. Every time when we shampoo, we should condition our hairs as conditioning is very good for hairs and makes hair soft, silky and healthy. Processed and dyed hair needs more attention and care than natural hair and conditioning helps in retaining the moisture and makes hair look beautiful.


  • For fine hair: Before applying the shampoo, botanical oil treatment will prove to be very food for people having very limp hair. You can use lavender and tea tree oil for this purpose. Just work it under your cuticles before shampooing. After washing the shampoo, apply conditioner and leave it for one minute. After that, wash it up.
  • Medium or thick hair: Natural hydrators containing shampoo will be good for thick or medium hair. One should keep the conditioner for 2-3 minutes after applying it lightly.


Using a product having ingredients in a balanced ratio will be beneficial for hair. High protein level in the product will make your hair feel dull. Frizzes is another problem for hair and to tame frizzes, we can use frizz control serum in small quantities and wash our hair with a deep cleansing shampoo atleast once a week.

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