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TOP 5 Coffee Producing Regions In India

world simply cannot survive without coffee. The coffee industry is renowned and lucrative all over the world. It is considered as a basic commodity and together with tea, is consumed by people anywhere in the world. Despite the quick industrialization of many countries, the agricultural crop that is coffee remains to be an all too important niche industry globally.

India currently ranks 6th in the world when it comes to coffee production trailing behind Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. It ranks third in Asia and ranks first in South Asia.

The coffee grown in India is of the finest quality, where it is kept from direct sunlight. It is also a very important industry in India, producing some 3.5 million tons in the year 2015. 30% of India’s coffee productions are Arabica coffee seeds while the remaining 70% are Robusta coffee seeds. In the years to come, it is expected that India’s coffee industry will continue to grow in leaps and bounds – good weather permitting.

This list will give you very interesting information regarding the state of coffee production in India. Find out which states leads the pack in terms of coffee production.

top coffee producing states

5.Odisha – 550 Metric Tons

Arabica is primarily the type of coffee produced in the state of Odisha, as this Eastern Indian state experiences plenty of sunshine and rainfall throughout the year. The main coffee producing districts include Koraput, Rayagada, Phulbani, and Keonjhar. Arabica coffee is the coffee of choice of many high-end coffee shops like Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It is a type of mountain coffee that grows in the highlands. It is said to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated and mainly came from the highlands of Ethiopia – in the heart of Africa, and surprisingly, not Arabia.


4.Andhra Pradesh – 7,425 Metric Tons

The state produces both Arabica and Robusta coffee, but Arabica coffee is more dominant with 80% of the total annual produce. The coffee industry in Andhra Pradesh are growing in leaps and bounds annually, with coffee production expected to surpass 9,000 metric tons in 2016. Robusta coffee’s main difference from Arabica is that the former is more concentrated, therefore much bitter and stronger. It is used in espresso and instant coffee. Though Arabica is dubbed as the better coffee seed, Robusta is grown more for mass consumption. Grown mostly in Vietnam and Brazil, the Robusta coffee industry is also growing very fast in many Indian coffee-growing states.


3.Tamil Nadu – 18,000 Metric Tons

Tamil Nadu is an important coffee-producing state and it accounts for more than 5% of India’s coffee exports. Arabica is the type of coffee grown by choice while a sizeable minority grow Robusta coffee. The main coffee growing districts of Tamil Nadu are Pulneys, Salem, Nilgris, and Coimbatore. The district of Pulneys is the nucleus of Tamil Nadu’s coffee industry.


2.Kerala – 68,000 Metric Tons

The state of Kerala produces more than 20% of India’s total coffee output. Unlike the other states of India, Robusta coffee production far outnumbers Arabica coffee production in Kerala, with the districts of Travancore and Wayanad being epicentres of coffee production. On the other hand, the districts of Nelliampathies, Palakkad, Kozhikode, and Malappuram also grow and yield significant metric tons of coffee. Coffee in Kerala is grown at high altitudes.


1.Karnataka – 2 million metric tons

The state of Karnataka is the undisputed leader when it comes to coffee production in the whole of India. 60% of the state’s agricultural land is devoted solely for coffee production – the largest anywhere in South Asia. Grown in high altitudes, the dominant coffee-growing districts are the districts of Kodagu, Chikmagalur, Misore, Shimoga, and Hassan, with Kodagu having the highest yield among all other districts. Coffee plantations in Karnataka yield more than 1,000 metric tons per hectare, thanks largely to a favourable climate, temperature, and rainfall.

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