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Top 5 best TVS Scooty In India in 2016

In a country like India, where women work shoulder to shoulder with men at a same pace. The series of TVS Scooty is an invention which has given relief to the women folk. Whether at work or at home, women especially from the semi-urban, rural and suburbs depend a lot on their TVS scooties for commuting.

Here is a list of the top 5 best TVS Scooty in India

  1. TVS Zest

best scooty in india

This little wonder has taken the nation by storm. This college waali gaadi is a 110 cc of pure magic and elegance. Out of all the scooties available, the Zest provides the fastest pick-up with a massive storage option worth envy. The Zest provides a power of 5.9bhp@7500rpm and a torque of 8.7Nm@5500 rpm. This extremely elegant piece of machine has an amazing sleek aerodynamic with equally vibrant colours. It has almost all the shades from the palette. The Zest is available in Pearl Peach, Spirited Silver, Terrific turquoise, Powerful Pink, Daring Black, Dynamic white and Fiery Red.It has a mileage of about 55 kmpl

It is priced at Rs. 59,000 on road in Mumbai.

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  1. TVS Jupiter

top scooty model in india

This piece of machine has been built keeping in mind the male drivers using scooty in India, thus adding to the sturdiness quotient. It is available in two variants, TVS Jupiter standard and TVS Jupiter ZX. The 109 cc engine gives a power of 7.9 bhp@ 7500rpm and a torque of 8Nm@5500rpm. The Jupiter churns a mileage of approximately 62kmpl and is available in seven solid colours, Titanium Grey, Sparkling Silver, Midnight Blue, Volcano Red, Pristine White, Matte Blue and Stallion Brown. It is moderately priced at Rs. 62,400 on road in Mumbai.


  1. TVS Wego

TVS wego

TVS Wego has been the choice for many since it’s launch. It has made it’s owner proud with it’s sheer performance on the road. This 110 Cc engine gives a mileage of 70kmpl which is quite competitive in it’s segment. With a power of 8bhp@7500rpm and a torque of 8bhp@5500rpm, it has won the hearts of many a man too. Weighing at 108kg and with a rigid under bone Chassis, it makes the vehicle sturdier on the road. It is available in eight different shades and is priced at Rs. 63,000 on road in Mumbai.


  1. TVS Pep plus

best TVS scooty model

This 88cclight weight vehicle is a choice amongst the girls. Offering a power of 6bhp@7500rpm and a torque of 6bhp@400rpm, it is quite a rave among the teenagers too. It has chosen it’s presence in eight very different shades from competition. Buyers also prefer the Pep plus because of it’s combination of exotic colours and decent on-road performance.It has a mileage of about 60 kmpl. It is moderately priced at Rs. 52,150 on road in Mumbai.


  1. TVS Streak

top 5 tvs scooty model

This little beauty has a capacity of 88cc with a power of 5bhp@7500 rpm and a torque of 5.80Nm@4000 rpm which makes it a decent scooty for light rides.The engine is compatible to an automatic gear box with a torque sensor. It is available in five vibrant dual colours matching the need of young India. The options for shades are, Pride Black, Lust Black, Rage Black, Greed Black and Envy Black making it an essential for every youngster. It is assumed tohave mileage of about 60 kmpl.It is available at a price of Rs. 52,850 on road in Mumbai.


All the above mentioned scooty are well built and very good in terms of performance. The buyer should look into various other factors such as durability, road conditions and after sales support. Do not get carried away with the others choice. Introspection is must. Buy which is best for you.

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