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Top 10 Tricks For Faster Hair Growth of Hair

Long and strong hairs are considered as sign of beauty and they are the sign of beauty. Strong and long hair’s show your inner health also. Girls love their hairs and they are very conscious about them also. But sometimes our hair growth is not as fast as we want. We want long and gorgeous hairs which make our personality amazing. If you want long and beautiful hair then there are some tricks to be followed. We will see the top ten tips which makes our hair grow faster.

10. DO A COLD WATER RINSE AT THE END OF EVERY SHOWER: – this tip and trick will really work for your long and healthy hair and it will help your hairs to grow faster than ever. Because cold water prevents your hair from moisture loss, heat damage and hitches. So try to do it after every shower it’s easy and tricky.

9. ADDRESS MEDICAL PROBLEMS: – if you want long hair and their faster growth then you have to focus on each and every point which stops your hair from growing otherwise it will never give you good result. There are some medical issues which stops your hair growth and they are thyroid disorder, severe infection, chronic illness and hormonal imbalance. So if you have any one of these issues consult your medical advisor.

8. CARE FOR YOUR HAIR WHILE SLEEPING: – this is important to take care of your hair while sleeping. It seems awkward but it really mean to your hair growth. Never sleep with tight pony tail. Because it will weakens your hair and pain in your scalp. Use silk pillow and loose pony tail while sleeping.

7. TAKE VITAMIN AND HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS: – you can take some supplements also for faster hair growth like fish oil, kelp, ginseng, flax seed oil and many others. They are really helpful for faster hair growth.

6. STAY STRESS FREE: –stress is the main reason behind hair loss. More you stressed more hair fall you will face. So for healthier and longer hair stress must be cut out from your life. If you want that your hair growth become faster than leave stress behind and get faster growth of your hairs.

5. DON’T SHAMPOO EVERY TIME YOU TAKE SHOWER: – it is another amazing trick for your long hair. We use shampoo to remove dirt and to make our hair soft but using too much shampoo will take away the important oil and moisture from your hairs and they will stop growing. So wash your hairs sometimes only with water and skip shampoo.

4. MASSAGE YOUR SCALP: – massaging really works for your hair growth. Because it increases blood flow in scalp and in return it will help in hair growth. Must massage your scalp once in a week for better and longer hair.

3. USE CONDITIONER EVERY TIME YOU SHAMPOO: – conditioner really helps your hairs in better growth. It prevents your hairs from being damaged and makes them healthy and long. So use conditioner every time after shampoo your hair.

2. TRIM YOUR HAIR REGULARLY: – this is very important to trim your hair for faster growth. Nothing to be worried because hair grows from roots not from the end. The hair at the end must be damaged or weak and it will not give good and healthy and gorgeous look to your hairs. So cut them out and get gorgeous long hair quickly.

1. EAT HEALTHY DIET: – healthy diet gives you healthy hairs with faster growth. So take diet full of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Because if you are strong internally then it will work for external things like faster hair growth and healthy and strong hairs. Must try to avoid nutritional deficiency because it will have negative effects on your hair growth and also create other problems for you. So eat healthy, look healthy and live healthy.


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