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Just like coffee, tea remains to be a universal drink that is prominent all over the world. Historically and socially, tea remains to be a favorite drink of choice and has gained worldwide recognition in its diverse kinds and flavors. It is also known for its many health benefits. It has a cleansing effect and is able to soothe and calm a person. It is said to also promote comfort and general well-being. Some experts would even dare say that tea is even healthier compared to coffee.

This list will take you to a journey around the world, as we reveal the world’s biggest producers of tea. Read on and find out if your country is on the list!

10.Argentina – 70,000 tons

Mate tea is indigenous in Argentina – it is actually their national drink. Historically, tea only arrived in this South American nation in the early part of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, the fertile soil, apt weather, and huge land area of the country made tea a glowing industry in Argentina. It has since then become one of the world’s largest tea producers.

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9.Iran – 84,000 tons

Black tea is the tea of choice in this fundamentally islamic nation. Though a lot of Iranians are also coffee drinkers, the lack of coffee beans that grow indigenously in the country made coffee second only in popularity to tea. Tea arrived in Iran from China and India in the 1700’s and 1800’s. Presently, the government promotes tea cultivation all over the country – especially in the suburbs surrounding the capital city of Tehran.

8.Japan – 89,000 tons

Japan’s tea industry rapidly grew because the archipelago’s weather and climate lends itself well to tea cultivation. The Japanese people are known to produce green tea, which many claim to possess therapeutic and cleansing effects – thanks largely to the agricultural know-how and health conscious tendencies of the Japanese tea farmers.

7.Vietnam – 117,000 tons

Vietnam’s agriculture has grown in leaps and bounds after the Vietnam war, even obscuring previous agricultural successes in Thailand, Burma, and the Philippines. Apart from rice and coffee, black tea and green tea are also grown generously in Vietnam, primarily in the highlands of Northern Vietnam – where the climate is cooler.

6.Indonesia – 157,000 tons

Massive tea cultivation started in the world’s largest archipelago in the eighteenth century, when the Dutch colonizers forced the Indonesians to plant and cultivate tea for export to Europe and other countries. Indonesia primarily produces black tea, although green tea is also produced in some cooler highland areas.

5.Turkey – 175,000 tons

The tea industry in Turkey is a vital component of its agricultural sector. The country is known to produce a kind of indigenous black tea called Turkish tea of rize tea, which is known for its strong flavor – very much like Turkish coffee. Tea in the country is primarily for export and is heavily taxed by the government.

4.Sri Lanka – 187,000 tons

It was the British colonizers who encouraged the native Sri Lankans to cultivate tea, which has since then grown to be a very vital crop in the country’s agricultural sector. Employing some 1 million Sri Lankan farmers, the country was able to popularize what is known as Ceylon tea – which is now exported in many parts and nations of the world.

3.Kenya – 303,000 tons

Despite the lack of large tea plantations in this small African nation, the tea industry in Kenya was able to thrive and grow due to much research and innovation in agriculture in Kenya – especially in the tea industry. To date, Kenya is the top country in Africa to produce and export tea. In fact, no other African nation can even come close.

2.India – 900,000 tons

Tea was introduced en masse to India thru the British East India Company during the imperial days of Britain in India. To date, India exports a considerable percentage of tea all over the world.

1.China – 1 million tons

They say that tea really came from China – and rightfully so. China remains to be the world’s largest producer, consumer, and exporter of tea.

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