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Wheat has been a very important agricultural crop since time immemorial. It has been consumed by a sizeable part of the world’s population and is categorized as one of the world’s staple food. Wheat is used to make a variety of food products. Hence, it is very important for food processing and the manufacturing industry. Simply put, the world can’t do without wheat.

India is the world’s second largest producer of wheat – next to China. This list will let you take a look at the top 10 Indian states that are the largest producers of wheat in the country.


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10.West Bengal – 8,000 metric tons

The state of West Bengal is not only known for producing a large portion of India’s rice exports. It is also a considerable source of wheat in the country. Situated in the eastern portion of India, the state receives plenty of sunshine and abundant rainfall throughout the year – making wheat production highly possible.

9.Uttarakhand – 8,800 metric tons

3,700 hectares of land are devoted to wheat production in this state. Because of this, wheat is a very important product of this state, which also has thriving food processing and food manufacturing industries. Truly, wheat production is a staple part of the state’s economy that a large percentage of its population directly depends on it.

8.Maharashtra – 23,000 metric tons

Around 5% of the total agricultural land in this state has been devoted to wheat cultivation. This state also produces a specific kind of wheat known as Triticum dicoccum. Wheat is primarily grown in river valley districts like Godavari, Krishna, and Tapi. More than 20,000 hectares are planted with wheat in this state.

7.Gujarat – 40,200 metric tons

This state is responsible for 4% of the total wheat production in India. Around 12,000 hectares of land are attributed to wheat cultivation. One hectare in Gujarat yields an average of 3 tons of wheat. The districts of Kheda, Mehsana, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar are the primary wheat producing areas in the state. Triticum aestivum is the species of wheat planted here.

6.Bihar – 41,000 metric tons

Out of 50,000 hectares of land intended for agriculture, around 21,000 has been allotted for wheat production. The state produces a very good yield of 1,900 tons per hectare, especially in the districts of Siwan, Nalanda, Bhojpur, and Begusarai, where wheat is of primary importance in various industries and in agriculture.

5.Rajasthan – 72,100 metric tons

Known as “the land of the kings,” Rajasthan is also known as wheat-producing state. 24,000 hectares of land had been attributed solely for wheat production and the state produces 8% of the entire wheat yield of India. Triticum aestivum and Triticum durum are just some of the primary species of wheat produced in this state.

4.Madhya Pradesh – 76,200 metric tons

This state is known as “the heart of India.” It also produces 9% of the total wheat production in the country. The species of Sharbati and Durum are primarily planted on this state, spread across 43,000 hectares of wheat land. The state has deep and fertile soil, making wheat cultivation ideal and its yield abundant and plentiful.

3.Haryana – 113,000 metric tons

25,000 hectares of land in this state had been allotted for wheat cultivation out of 35,000 hectares of total arable land. Haryana’s most important agricultural crop is wheat, and its rich soil produces a yield of 4 tons per hectare. Triticum aestivum is the primary species of wheat produced in the districts of Karnal, Hisar, Gurgaon, and Rohtak.

2.Punjab – 165,000 metric tons

The state of Punjab produces 18% of the total wheat production of the entire country. Known as “the land of the 5 rivers,” its rich soil is primarily planted with wheat. 80% is attributed to wheat production while the remaining 20% is planted with basmati rice.

1.Uttar Pradesh – 300,000 metric tons

This state is the undisputed leader in wheat production in India. Comprising 40% of the country’s wheat production, Uttar Pradesh is India’s wheat production epicenter.

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