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Top 10 Best Facts About Mumbai, India

Mumbai, or what was known as Bombay until 1995, is simply India’s most populous city and one of the largest metropolitan agglomerations in the world. An economic power and a cultural showcase city of India, Mumbai receives a sizeable number of local and foreign tourists alike every year. It is also home to many students, young professionals, businessmen, expatriates, and IT moguls. Mumbai, indeed, is one of Asia’s leading powerhouse cities.

This article will let you in on 10 very interesting and fun facts that you need to know about the Indian city of Mumbai.


10.It is an alpha world city.

Being an alpha world city means that Mumbai is an influential center of business, politics, technology, trading, and culture. It no doubt India’s wealthiest city and the richest as well in the entire Southern part of Asia. The city also has the largest concentration of Indian millionaires and billionaires.

9.It is the financial, educational, commercial, and entertainment nucleus of India.

Despite New Delhi being the official capital, Mumbai remains to be the center of commerce and banking of India – and the home of Indian Cinema. It is home to the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. It houses the biggest multinational firms, scientific and medical research institutes, Bollywood – perhaps the most prolific national cinema in the world. India’s television industry is also largely based in Mumbai.

8.It suffered a Bubonic plague epidemic 100 years ago.

Mumbai suffered the worst bubonic plague epidemic in India in 1896. The epidemic killed 2,000 people every week. This resulted to the emigration of people outside Bombay and the near-collapse of the city’s important textile industry. Presently, improved living and health conditions have made it possible for population to once again thrive in Mumbai.

7.The Mumbai port is India’s largest and busiest port.

The Jawaharlal Nehru port in Mumbai remains to be India’s busiest. With its fine natural harbor opening to the Arabian Sea, history and geography have always favored Mumbai in terms of trading using the world’s oceans. Today, over 55% of India’s sea cargo trading is done in the harbor of Mumbai.

6.Mumbai is India’s main economic hub.

Mumbai’s highly specialized labor force has greatly contributed to the growth of the city. Together with foreign direct investment, Mumbai is home to 10% of India’s major factories, 25% of the country’s industrial output, 40% of its foreign trade, and a third of its income tax collections. The city’s per capita income is also three times higher than the national average.

5.Mumbai is also home to India’s most successful homegrown industries.

Mumbai did not only prosper due to trading and foreign investment. Its city’s highly skilled labor force is also instrumental in sustaining the city’s prosperity. India’s banking and finance sectors are mostly headquartered in Mumbai. Furthermore, engineering, diamond-polishing, information technology, leather processing, the textile industry, and Bollywood all contribute to the city’s financial success and economic prosperity.

4.Mumbai has the most expensive office space in Asia.

Mumbai’s increased economic prominence and general prosperity has resulted to the skyrocketing of rental and leases on office spaces. In reality, Mumbai only trails New York City and London in having the world’s most expensive office spaces. It is side by side with Tokyo and Hong Kong for having the most expensive office spaces in Asia.

3.It has the lowest majority of Hindus among all Indian cities.

Despite majority of its inhabitants still adhering to Hinduism, Mumbai has the lowest majority of Hindus anywhere in India – at 67%, or two-thirds of the population. Close to a fifth of the remaining population are Muslims, Buddhists and Christians make up one-tenth, while Jains and Sikhs comprise the last 5% of the population. M

2.It has India’s best engineering schools.

Mumbai is home to the most prominent engineering schools in India – namely the Indian Institute of Technology and the University Institute of Chemical Technology, among many others.

1.It is the capital of the world’s largest national cinema.

Indeed, Bombay is home to the world’s largest national cinema – Bollywood. Bollywood produces close to 700 films yearly, even eclipsing  Hollywood for that matter.

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