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Seductive top ten perfumes for women in 2016

Perfumes are very important part of personality. Women are very choosy while they want some sort of scent. Because the fragrance speaks their personality. For different purposes there are different perfumes for women. For college students there are different perfume, for normal occasions different needed by them and for their love one’s their choice is different. So it’s very difficult to choose the best perfume for women and for women’s best present is also perfume. Below is the list of top ten seductive perfume list for women which will be really inn in 2016. Let’s have a look on the top ten brands of perfumes.

  1. Sensual by Johan B Perfume

This is the perfume with pleasant aroma and it is liked by most of the women’s. This is the scent made from high quality materials. The quality ingredients which are used in this perfume are notes floral and woody smell. It stands at number 10 in the top ten lists of seductive perfumes for women.

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  1. Guerlain Shalimar Eau De Perfume Spray for Women

This perfume has amazing fragrance. And it can be used for romantic dinners and night out. This is the expensive one. But if one want to get best thing than price will not a big deal. It is flirty and seductive perfume for women.

  1. Jo Malone Body Cologne and Spray

Amazing smell of ginger lily and Dark Amber it has. Women’s want to wear this perfume because of its amazing smell. Best perfume to be wear in the evening times and parties. You can attract other peoples towards you while wearing this perfume.

  1. Dkny Be Delicious

This is another perfume for women with amazing smell like fresh apple. So the fresh smell is seductive and appealing. Also woody smell it has which attracts women towards it. So it is used by most of the women.

  1. Coco Mademoiselle by Channel

This is the most famous perfume by channel. Females are attracted to its fresh and appealing aroma which is like orange, Jasmin, bergamot. This is the perfume mostly used for daytime.

  1. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau De perfume spray

This is the perfume which is considered more seductive one. The women who want to attract men can use this because it has seductive smell of jasmine, vanilla, praline and many more. It will be fit for the occasion like meeting with your love one’s, wedding and dance parties.

  1. Poison by Christian Dior

This one also has beautiful fruity smell. It attracts with its smell of honey, berries, amber etc. And the combination of spices makes it more appealing. This perfume has romantic smell. And it will make your dinner more beautiful because it expresses your inner beauty and confidence.

  1. Bombshell Victoria Secret

Another amazing perfume with pleasant smell. The ingredients of its smell are jasmine, passion fruit and tangelo. This perfume is very famous among women wearing this perfume will gives you fresh, amazing and glamorous feeling.

  1. Vera Wang Princess

This is the perfume which attracts most of the women towards it. The most appealing thing in this perfume is its beautiful shape, its bottle comes in the shape of heart so attract more women towards it. Its exotic smell is like candy. It is mostly use in the daytime functions. Sweet smell of this scent is very attractive.

  1. Chanel No 5

Seductive top ten perfumes for women in 2016

This is the branded perfume and it is made by the Coco channel in 1921. From that time till now it is most liked by the women. This is that much famous from that time till now it is still at its place. No other perfume can take its place. So it will stand at the number one position in the top ten list of seductive perfume for women in 2016.


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