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List of Top Ten Best Mattress Brands in India

Night is made for the complete rest and relaxation of mind and body and it is impossible without a good quality mattress. So it’s very important to have a comfortable mattress for idyllic and relaxed sleep. The industry of mattress in India has worth more than 700 crores and this industry has an amazing prospective and according to recent report it has been growing between 10 to 15 percent. So companies of this country are producing some high class mattress. Let’s have a look on the top ten mattress brand in India.

  1. Kurl-on

Kurl-on best mattress in india

This is the brand which is at the top of our list because of its best mattresses because of the use of best material and according to the need of customer. This brand is using latest and high quality technology in the making of mattresses. Kurl-on produces four categories of mattress, spume, coil, coir rubberized and therapeutic. So it gives you the choice to choose according to your need and comfort.

  1. Sleepwell

This brand is known among the best brand for sleeping goods in India. It is the main brand of the group name Sheela and it has the certificate of 9001 ISO. The best thing about this brand is it uses the latest global technology. Their mattresses category is spring fresh, premium, back support and flexi-puff.

  1. Rubco

These Rubco are made from unique coir of rubber. This is the brand which covers all the needs of customers and it produces seven varieties of mattresses, conventional mattress, high and luxurious end and the orthopedic.

  1. Tempur-Pedic

It is the US based company and it stands at the number four in the list and amazing quality of this mattress is that it is made from the special materials that it alters according to the figure of the handlers. It maintains the user body and keeps the spine in proper placement. It has four categories.

  1. Dunlopillo

This is the brand which familiarizes latex mattresses to the world in 1931. The higher latex elasticity is used in these mattresses and it gives support and relaxation to every curve of the body.

  1. M M foam

This brand was established in 1957 and now it is one of the top brands in India. It has the wide range of the products to give you sound sleep. It has four categories and all of them cover the different kind of people.

  1. Duroflex

It has the full disposed to care organization that has the surety for the user to remain healthy and fit after a good sleep on this mattress. It also has the four types of mattress.

  1. Sleepzone

This brand is maintained by the Innerspring Technologies and it is one of the best spring mattress manufactures in this country (India). The spring and non -spring both types of mattresses are produced by them and it is in this business of mattress for more than a long period. The product of this brand is available for hotels and homes, in the country and also out of the country. Sleepzone has five types of mattresses and these are sleepzone spring, sleepzone pocket mattress, Europedic memory foam mattress, pro spring mattress, Europedic organic latex mattress.

  1. King koil

This brand is promoted in Indian country by king koil sleep systems abbreviated as KKSS. For many years this company has association with the chiropractic doctors and that trick really help them out to produce best mattress which gives best sleep and handle the spinal issues. It has four types of mattress. It has the ninth position among the top ten brands of mattress.

  1. Restonic

This brand is at number ten but no doubt a quality brand it is, it is available in two types one is ComfortCare and the other is HealthRest. This mattress is especially designs for the exclusion of the body aches. One can get relief from muscle and joint pain by sleeping on Restonic. These mattresses are hygienic and breathe through. All these qualities of this brand take it to the list of top ten best brand mattresses in India.

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