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List Of All 10th standard Competitive Exams in India

Now the time is of competition and every field of life field of life needs competition to grow. Now there are many competitive exams rather than school exams. These competitive exams are totally different from board exams. In these exams you don’t have a particular syllabus like the board exams. Some of these exams offer scholarship also so it is very important for the students to have knowledge about these exams. There are different competitive exams for different grades. Let’s have a look on the list of competitive exams for grade 10th in India.

1.National Talent Search Examination NTSE

This is the National level competitive scholarship exam for class tenth. The main objective of this test is to identify the intelligent and brilliant students. This exam is held in November and it is both languages English and Hindi.

  1. National Standard Examination in Astronomy NSEA

This exam is organized by the Physics teachers and it is charted by the International Astronomy Olympiad. This exam held in November and it is in English Language.


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  1. National Level Science Talent Search Examination NLSTSE

This exam is conducted by Unified Council and it is also for class 2nd to 10th. The duration of the test is 90 minute. This test is held in January. The diagnostic test it is and really helpful for students in their improvement.

  1. Zonal Informatics Olympiad

This is organized by the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science Chennai. This test in held in November for the students of class 8th to 10th.

  1. International Olympiad in Mathematics IOM

This test is held in November and December. This is organized by the Mathematic Olympiad Foundation. And the student from grade II to XII can sit in this exam.

  1. International Olympiad of Science IOS

This test is held in December and it is the test for the students of CBSE/ICSE of class 1 to 10th.

  1. International Earth Science Olympiad IESO

This exam held in January and this is an English medium exam and it’s for the students of CBSE/ICSE state board students of class 10 and 11.

 8. National Cyber Olympiad NCO

This exam is held in September and organizes by SFO. This is open to all exam for CBSE, ICSE, IB, CIE State board students, and students of class 2 to XII can appear.

  1. Unified Cyber Olympiad

This exam held in September and it is conducted by Unified Council, Hyderabad. And students from class 3 to class tenth can appear in this exam. This is for the state board students from CBSE/ICSE/ISC.

  1. Technothlon

This exam held in July and organizes by IIT Guwahati. Students from class 9th to 12th from CBSE/ICSE can appear in this exam.

  1. International English Olympiad IEO

This is the English test and students from grade 2nd to grade 10th can appear in this exam.

  1. Geo Genius

This is the test of Geography Olympiad. And this is conducted at National level and students of grade 2 to 10th can sit in this exam.

  1. Kishore Vigyan ProtsahanYojana KVPY

This is the National level competitive exam held by the Department of Science and Technology. This exam gives boost to the students who have interest in science.

  1. Silverzone Olympiads

This is the competitive exam at the school level and students of class I to 13th can sit in this exam. This exam is in various subjects like Math’s, English, French, General Knowledge and Informatics.

  1. National Interactive Math’s Olympiad NIMO

This is also national level exam and it is conducted by the Eduheal Foundation. This exam is for the testing of mathematical skills.

  1. National Biotechnology Olympiad NBO

This is also National level test and it is conducted by the Eduheal Foundation. Students of class 5th to 10th can sit in this exam.

  1. National Knowledge Olympiad NKO

This exam is conducted by the knowledge Society of India.

 18. Assessment of Scholastic Skills Through Educational Testing ASSET

This exam is held inJuly, August and December and it is conducted by Education initiative. Students from CBSE/ICSE can sit in this exam. Students from class 1 to 2nd year can appear.

  1. Scholarship CSIR Program for Youth on Leadership CPYLS

This is exam for the toppers as the first 50 ranks students from CBSC/ICSE can sit in this exam. This is conducted by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Human Resource Development. Students of class 10th to 12th can appear.

  1. International Assessment for Indian Schools IAIS

This is one of the toughest tests and it is conducted by Macmillan or University of South of Wales. Students of class 3rd to 12th can sit in this exam.  

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