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HONDA LIVO: Features, Specifications And Review

There’s a common phrase that both city and rural areas have probably heard and that is ‘Kids and their bikes’. This phrase is usually accompanied by exasperated mothers shaking their heads in worry or disapproving fathers or neighbourhood old-timers secretly reminiscing their own reckless youths. Nowadays the only thing’s that’s changed is probably the designs and variety of bikes available in the market because let me assure you, the zeal amongst the younger generation towards owning and riding a motorcycle has not changed.

So targeting the youthful and young spirited commuters living in both metropolitan and rural areas looking for a way to arrive to their destinations in style, Honda has introduced their visually attractive, fuel efficient Livo after its predecessor the Unicorn.


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HONDA LIVO features

At first glance, the Livo is one of the most attractive commuter bikes Honda has in its current arsenal, giving off a sleek and edgier look. Available in Self Drum Alloy (INR 57,090) and Self Disc Alloy (INR 59,590), four paint schemes (blue, white, brown and black) and weighing it at around 111kg, the Livo has the following specifications to offer:

Engine: With a 109.19cc engine that has a maximum power of 8.2 bhp at a rate of 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.9 Nm at a rate of 5,500 rpm, Honda’s Eco Technology boasts about all the power and performance the modern commuter would demand.

Mileage:With a top speed at about 86 km per hour and a mileage of 76 km per liter of fuel, the 8 liter fuel tank offers around 590 km of travel without having to refuel. This is a huge advantage to the smart commuter as it would mean they would be travelling not only in style, but in a very cost efficient manner as well.

Trunk Space: The Livo does not offer any uniqueness from other members of its class when it comes to trunk space in terms of capacity but it does offer a more sleekness in overall outlook.

Brakes and Suspension: The Livo’s shock absorbers and brakes are ideal for long distance commuter use, a bit on the bumpy side when it comes to rural dirt tracks but an overall smooth ride, especially in metropolitan areas. Users do, however, lament the lack of a kill engine switch and the noise the gearbox makes when switching gears on the 4 geared bike. The brakes are efficient and the Livo design offers an optional front disk brake that raises the price of the motorcycle by a couple thousand rupees.

Ease of Driving:The good handlebar grip and overall ease with which the Livo operates has the bike silencing its naysayers as users have nothing but praises for the buttery smooth ride. They have, however, stressed upon regularly having the bike serviced, especially according to the number of miles it may have travelled as it would result in giving a sub-par performance than before.

Safety: According to users, there are no haphazard or worrisome features on the Livo that might affect its performance and thus the safety of the passengers or those on the road.


Despite being a bit on the pricier side, those who have reaped the benefits of the Livo swear it is worth every penny. If you are looking for a bike which can deliver you both performance and power in true terms, then surely this one is for you. You can buy this bike for all your needs may be school, college or even office. It has a superb mileage to satisfy everyone’s need. All you need to do is buy this beauty.

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