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HONDA DIO Specifications, Features And Review

There are many exciting launchings of scooters are happening in the Indian market. Every scooter company from the foreign companies to home town Indian company are trying hard and fighting for a piece of the market pie. Every company wants to have a great market share and is trying their best to accomplish their objective by introducing high end scooters fully loaded with mind blowing features and specifications. But, Honda is the undisputed champion in the scooter market and has rolled out its new next generation scooter known as Honda Dio.

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Why Honda Dio is best?

Honda Dio features

Honda has introduced Dio keeping in mind the young generation of India.  The Japanese giant, in order to attract wide range of customers, has placed Dio below its hottest selling scooter Activa and Aviator. Dio is equipped with a young dynamic design and is unisex in nature.

Dio has got an evolutionary looking with its headlight sitting above its front wheel and indicators merged with the headlight. This is a completely different looking scooter with an aggressive look as compared to other competing scooters.


Honda Dio is powered by an 110cc engine which is the same engine that is found in Honda’s other scooters like Activa and Aviator. This 110 cc engine proves to be really good as it is super redefined and gives a super smooth feeling. The engine is air-cooled and single cylinder which has the capability to churn out max power of 8 bhp @ 700 rpm and a brilliant torque of 8.77 Nm @ 5500 rpm. The scooter is working on Honda Eco Technology (HET) which helps to deliver better fuel efficiency. Thanks to this technology that Dio is giving an ultimate mileage of 60kmpl which is good enough for this automatic scooter.

If we look at the dimensions of this scooter then it’s a compact scooter which will prove to be very helpful during traffic hours making riding on Dio quite a breeze. It can easily absorb most bumps giving you a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Combined braking system of Dio helps you to apply brakes instantly in case of emergency as this system applies both front and rear brakes when you pull the rear brake liver. Not only these, the scooter feature an 18 liter storage capacity under the seat, a viscous air filter and maintenance free battery. All these awesome features make this scooter a perfect choice to buy and will be an instant hit on the college going crowd.


If we think of affordability, then this scooter is really very affordable and reasonably priced at Rs. 51607. Honda Dio is available in four different color combinations to choose from i.e. Jazzy blue metallic, Sporty red, Candy palm green and Black paint.


If you are looking for a quick, awesome and neat bike then this is one is surely not one which can be ignored. Honda is known for producing economical bikes and also lays stress on keeping the bike in top performance. They have power, life and durability. A good bike is one which can withstand the pressure and should be able to give smooth ride on nasty Indian roads. Honda’s this bike is one which can be trusted blindly. It has everything which a common Indian biker wants. A pinch of everything. Be it mileage, suspension and last but not least looks. Honda dio is a stylish beast at an affordable price. Just go for it. It will make your life smooth and easy. That is the beauty of Honda. Simplicity at a small cost.

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