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HONDA ACTIVA 3G: A SUPERB EDITION, Checkout Its Features and Review


Owning your own vehicle might still be mostly considered a status symbol, an identity, a personal luxury; it cannot overshadow the fact that it stands for much more. So as the years pass and we grow older, technology advances and our day to day needs change, we still tend to cling to those fond moments and can’t help but be drawn to the nostalgia of it all.

Honda clearly knew how to capitalize on these sentiments when continuing their line of scooters that was introduced to the Indian market over a decade ago, not only reviving but revolutionizing the dying trend among metropolitan residents.

At a first glance, the Honda Activa 3G is not very different from its predecessors save for a different paint scheme array. Honda has continued their conservative design with only minor touch ups to give it a sleeker, more modern looking effect. The unisex scooter includes its basic features like large headlights, oblong turn indicators and rear-view mirror, with an overall weight of around 108kg, making it the heaviest among its class.


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Priced at around INR 53,500, the scooter has the following specifications:

Engine: A 109.20cc engine that generates a maximum power of 8 bhp at a rate of 7500 rpm with a maximum torque of 8.83 Nm at a rate of 5,500 rpm.

Mileage:  Although Honda may promote a 15% mileage increase with the Activa 3G, user reviews have stated that it measures just the same as average bikes in its class. With a fuel capacity of around 5 liters, one can travel about 240 km without having to refuel.

Trunk Space: Something that users of the Activa 3G will appreciate is its 18 liter under bone storage space that will allow a lot more ease than other models.

Brakes and Suspension: Due to the new Combi Brake System,  the Honda Activa 3G can boast about an improved and more responsive, sturdy grip system that, upon application of the brakes, stops both the front and back tires at the same time. The suspension boasts high performance on ordinary roads with proficient shock absorbers; however it must be kept in mind that they might not perform as well on bumpy surfaces. Primarily a city bike, it may not give the desired performance on off-road terrains and may not provide cushioning to its riders on dirt tracks.

Ease of Driving:Honda has apparently made comfort and the ease of driving a very high priority with this model as its wide seat and a well placed foot rest to make sure that the least possible discomfort be placed on the rider, especially if they will be sitting on the seat for long periods of time. This is especially very considerate to the metropolitan driver who spends many long hours sitting in traffic.

Safety: To minimize theft, the heavy weight of the scooter comes in handy along with its key shutter. However, as with all scooters, the threat of being dislodged from the vehicle upon high speed impact is always present.


So according to its users, the Activa 3G is one of the safest and efficient scooters on the market today for the city dweller, just try to avoid any dirt tracks or potholes. It is up to the driving conditions and driving style of the driver, which can enhance the life of scooter to a much greater level or can do the worse. Activa 3g is just an enhanced version with much greater efficiency, power and performance. You all need to trust this scooter. It is a mini beast.

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